NY actress says Bush senior groped her

A second actress has come forward to accuse former President George H.W. Bush of touching her from behind during a photo-op.
The Daily Telegraph Oct 27, 2017 00:00 IST

Four sound Trump alarm

A former Republican President. A senior Republican senator with a critical illness. A retiring Republican senator. And now an independent-minded Republican senator who faced a difficult, if not impossible, path to re-election.
CARL HULSE Oct 26, 2017 00:00 IST

2 photos and many queries

It was Kabul and it wasn't Kabul. There was a clock and there wasn't a clock.
MUJIB MASHAL Oct 26, 2017 00:00 IST

Vegas killer's brother held

The brother of the man behind the worst mass shooting in modern US history has been arrested on suspicion of having child pornography, police said today.
AFP Oct 26, 2017 00:00 IST

Xi unveils new leaders

President Xi Jinping thrust China into a new era of strongman politics on Wednesday, unveiling a leadership team without a likely successor among the six officials who will help him rule for the next half decade.
CHRIS BUCKLEY Oct 26, 2017 00:00 IST

Einstein note gets $1.5m

More than a century ago, Albert Einstein's celebrated theory of relativity altered the world's understanding of space and time. This week, the wild-haired physicist's far-simpler "theory of happiness", imparted to a bellboy, fetched more than $1.5 million at an auction in Jerusalem.
DAN BILEFSKY Oct 26, 2017 00:00 IST

McLaren's £1m car goes up in flames

A McLaren supercar worth around £1 million has been destroyed after bursting into flames.
Danny Boyle Oct 25, 2017 00:00 IST

Vogue drops photographer

Condé Nast magazines all over the world have been instructed to stop using the work of the celebrity photographer Terry Richardson with immediate effect after he was accused of being "the Harvey Weinstein of fashion".
Amit Roy Oct 25, 2017 00:00 IST

HK protest leaders freed on bail

The Hong Kong democracy activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law were released from prison on Tuesday after the city's highest court granted them bail to appeal sentences for what their supporters called political prosecution by the government.
ALAN WONG Oct 25, 2017 00:00 IST

Screen flaw on Pixel phones

Google is investigating reports of screen burn-in on its new Pixel 2 XL smartphones, which causes the phone's navigation bar to appear as faint outlines on the bottom of the screen.
The Daily Telegraph Oct 25, 2017 00:00 IST

China enshrines Xi in party statute

China's leader, Xi Jinping, secured a political victory on Tuesday when a Communist Party congress in Beijing enshrined his name and ideas into the party's constitution. Appearing alongside the hallowed names of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping will be a clunky new phrase: "Xi Jinping Thought for the New Era of Socialism with Chinese Special Characteristics."
CHRIS BUCKLEY Oct 25, 2017 00:00 IST


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