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Zuma lawsuit Iran drones Drugs jail Nigeria attack Israel violence

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 29.10.12

Zuma lawsuit

Johannesburg, Oct. 28 (Reuters): South African President Jacob Zuma intends to drop a four-year-old lawsuit claiming nearly $600,000 (over Rs 3 crore) in damages from a cartoonist who depicted him poised to rape “Lady Justice”, a newspaper said today.

The Sunday Times, named as a defendant in the case, said it had reached a deal with Zuma’s lawyers for the suit and all claims to be dropped.

Iran drones

Dubai (Reuters): Iran possesses drones that are far more advanced than the unmanned aircraft Iranian-backed Hezbollah launched into Israeli airspace this month, Iran’s defence minister has said.

Drugs jail

Islamabad (Reuters): A British woman, held in Pakistan on the charges of drug smuggling, has been sent back to prison with her newborn daughter after giving birth in a hospital.

Nigeria attack

Kaduna (Reuters): A suicide bomber drove a jeep packed with explosives into a Catholic church in northern Nigeria on Sunday, killing at least eight persons, injuring more than 100.

Israel violence

Gaza (Reuters): Israel killed a Hamas gunman it accused of preparing to fire a rocket from the Gaza Strip on Sunday and a separate Palestinian salvo struck a southern Israeli city, causing no damage.