Taslima's new book banned

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 28.08.02

Dhaka, Aug. 27 (PTI): Bangladesh has banned the latest book by fire-brand feminist and controversial writer Taslima Nasreen for allegedly carrying anti-Islamic remarks.

In a statement announcing the ban, Bangladesh’s home ministry said the Bengali- language novel “contains anti- Islamic sentiments and statements that could destroy the religious harmony in Bangladesh”.

The book Utal Hawa published from Calcutta was likely to disturb the socio-economic harmony of the country, it said last night.

Authorities said the book which is actually the second volume of Nasreen’s earlier novel Amar Meya Bela has been proscribed and all copies of the book have been seized and the sale, preservation and publication banned.

Nasreen, a physician-turn-writer, rose to prominence after the publication of her first novel Lajja in 1993 which was immediately banned in Bangladesh for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims and other communities.

She fled Bangladesh seven years ago after Islamic radicals threatened to kill her in 1994 and has since lived in self-imposed exile in Sweden and France.

In April last year, her novel Forashi Premik was published in Dhaka.