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Harry in charity vow

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  • Published 17.09.04

London, Sept. 17: Prince Harry is to break his silence over the legacy of his mother, seven years after her death, to voice fears that her memory is being debased.

In his first extensive television interview, the prince expresses anger that the good deeds and charitable work of Diana, Princess of Wales risk being overshadowed by the ongoing controversy over her marriage.

He states his determination to follow in her footsteps as far as charity work is concerned, in particular to raise awareness about Aids, saying it is what she would have wanted of both her sons. ?I want to try to carry it on to make her proud,? he says.

But the prince, who just turned 20, admits it is a responsibility he and, to an even greater extent, William find ?pretty hard work?, as they struggle to balance the pressures of their royal duties with living as normal a life as possible.

In the interview, conducted as part of an ITV documentary about the two months the prince spent in Lesotho, southern Africa, earlier this year, Prince Harry vents his frustration at the former royal aides and confidantes who have sold intimate details about Diana. ?It?s just a shame, it?s a shame that, after all the good she?s done, even this far on, people can?t bring out the good in her. They can?t remember the good.?

While he is adamant that the public remembers the princess positively, he is scathing of those sections of the media whose interest in her is largely salacious. ?All they want to bring out is the bad stuff. I mean, bad news sells,? he says.

?I?m not here to change that. All I?m out here doing is what I want to do, doing what she?d want me to do, and it?s not a question of reminding everyone of what good she did, because everyone knows that, hopefully.?

?I always wanted to go to an Aids country to carry on my mother?s legacy as much as I can. I don?t want to take over from her because I never will. I don?t think anyone can, but I want to try and carry on to make her proud.?