Emission: California shows US the way

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 1.09.06

Sacramento (California), Aug. 30 (Reuters): California catapulted to the forefront of US efforts to fight global warming yesterday with an accord that will give the state the toughest laws in the nation on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has accused fellow Republican President George W. Bush of lacking leadership on climate change, said he reached a “historic agreement” with Democrats to make California a world leader in reducing carbon emissions.

“The success of our system will be an example for other states and nations to follow as the fight against climate change continues,” Schwarzenegger said.

Despite opposition from within his own party, Schwarzenegger was expected to support the bill since he has made much of his environmental record in his re-election bid. Green policies are popular among voters in environment-savvy California, the 12th largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions.