Cat Stevens seeks answers

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.10.04

London, Oct. 2 (AP): Lawyers for the singer once known as Cat Stevens have asked American officials to explain why they barred him from entering the country, and have formally requested that his name be removed from a government ?no fly? list, they said today.

The musician, now a peace activist named Yusuf Islam, was expelled from the US last week after authorities diverted his London-to-Washington flight to Maine to remove him, saying he was suspected of ties to terrorism.

The Carter-Ruck law firm said it had asked the United States government to explain why it considered Islam a security risk.

?I remain bewildered by the decision of the US authorities to refuse me entry to the united states,? the firm quoted Islam as saying.

?My solicitors have now made representations to the relevant US Authorities and I have asked foreign secretary Jack Straw to continue to use his good offices in order to bring this matter to a swift conclusion,? it quoted him as saying.