Bigley brother?s house raided

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.10.04

Amsterdam, Oct. 2 (Reuters): The brother of a British hostage in Iraq said today intelligence officers had raided his Dutch home, copied data from his computer and forced him to make a five-page statement about his activities.

Paul Bigley, brother of hostage Kenneth Bigley, said the raid happened two days ago but a spokeswoman for the British foreign office said neither British nor Dutch officials had carried out such a raid. ?There was no raid,? she said. ?No British officials of any kind have raided Paul Bigley?s home.?

Dutch authorities also denied there had been a raid.

British and Dutch police visited Paul Bigley this week in Amsterdam but the meeting had been voluntary, Dutch public prosecutors? spokesman Wim de Bruin said. ?We worked with the British police to put them in touch with Mr Bigley. It was done on a voluntary basis. Anything the British police took away with them was on a voluntary basis,? de Bruin said.

A Kuwaiti newspaper that earlier this week accurately predicted the release of two Italian women held hostage by an Iraqi militant group, today said the same group was about to enter negotiations for the release of Kenneth Bigley.

?There?s near certain information that points to the entry of an Iraqi militant group into negotiations and mediation with the Tawhid and Jihad Group for the release of the British hostage,? al-Rai al-Aam said, quoting ?informed Islamist sources?.

It said that as with the Italians, negotiations for Bigley?s release could also involve a ransom. Kenneth Bigley was seized 16 days ago with two Americans, both of whom were beheaded by their captors.