Zoological Survey Of India
Calcutta  /  Published 03.09.20

Covid stalls Bengal wild animal study

The pandemic has put the brakes on a study to assess the habitat and distribution of hyenas, wolves and some other wild animals said to be found in the forests of the western districts of Bengal....
By Debraj Mitra in Calcutta

Calcutta  /  Published 30.06.20

Whale carcass at Mandarmani beach

The carcass of a giant whale, with fins the size of an adult human being, was washed ashore at the Mandarmani beach on Monday morning. The body was over 40ft-long and weighed around 50,000kg, accordi...
By Debraj Mitra in Calcutta

West Bengal  /  Published 04.06.20

Birds reach Kulik early

Winged species from different countries have started flocking to the Kulik Bird Sanctuary near here a month ahead of their normal arrival with experts suggesting that conducive climatic conditions ind...
By Kousik Sen in Raiganj

North East  /  Published 26.03.19

Searching tiger, spotting heron

In a classic example of serendipity, a search for tigers caught the critically endangered white-bellied heron for the first time on camera.A rare white-bellied heron (Ardea insignis) has been captured...
By Roopak Goswami in Guwahati

North East  /  Published 22.01.20

3 new frog species found in Arunachal

They dwell in moss and forest leaf litter.Two scientists from the Zoological Survey of India, Bhaskar Saikia and Bikramjit Sinha, have found three new species of frogs from Tale Valley wildlife sanctu...
By Roopak Goswami in Guwahati

North East  /  Published 28.02.20

Push for research after bat call study

The study of the ultrasonic call characters of three species of bats in Meghalaya has drawn attention to the need to bat for thorough research into the rich fauna present in the Himalayan foothills.A ...
By Roopak Goswami in Guwahati

North East  /  Published 21.02.20

Arunachal home to 26 new ladybird beetles

By Roopak Goswami in Guwahati

West Bengal  /  Published 11.12.18

Four months in white continent

On this day 30 years ago, our neighbour from AL Block Ashis Hazra was on a Swedish icebreaker ship headed to Antarctica. The scientist spent the winter of 1989-90 (in Antarctica this is peak summer) c...
By Brinda Sarkar in

North East  /  Published 07.11.18

New crab species in Namdapha tiger reserve

 A new freshwater crab species, Teretamon ke-mpi, has been spotted in Namdapha tiger reserve in Aru-nachal Pradesh by scientists of Zoological Survey of India.The discovery, which has been report...
By Roopak Goswami in

North East  /  Published 23.09.19

Frog found in Arunachal named after Greek goddess

A new frog species found in Arunachal Pradesh has been named “Eos” after the mythological Greek goddess of dawn.A team of scientists from the University of Delhi and the Zoological Survey of India...
By Roopak Goswami in Guwahati


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