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Entertainment  /  Published 15.12.20

In search of the extinct

Why did you choose to search for extinct animals for your Extinct or Alive series? How difficult is it to keep yourself motivated? My area of expertise as a biologist is working with creatures on the...
By Sudeshna Banerjee in

Opinion  /  Published 29.09.20

Novel ways: Sniffer dogs to detect Covid

Sir — The Helsinki airport has begun a pilot scheme with sniffer dogs who can apparently detect the presence of the coronavirus, thus providing another way of testing. So far the dogs have been ...
By The Telegraph in

Entertainment  /  Published 17.08.20

Aasif Mandvi on his show Evil

Coming to your film outings, how could you fire Peter Parker? (Laughs) I get that all the time... Spider-Man 2 fans are quite vigilant. They follow me on Instagram. They still get on me for firing Pe...
By Sudeshna Banerjee in

World  /  Published 07.08.20

UK Mail stamp on Sherlock TV series

Royal Mail is bringing out a new set of 10 stamps to mark the popularity of the TV series, Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as the faithful Dr Watson an...
By Amit Roy in London

People  /  Published 21.07.20

Abish Mathew on his new show Son of Abish season 7

One of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in India, Abish Mathew is a household name now among GenY with his inimitable style of stage performances interspersed with music, sketches and improvs. The Tele...
By Aniruddha Biswas  in


Jharkhand  /  Published 20.07.20

The many roles of Dhanbad's TV star

For a Muslim TV actor, who has played over 10 Hindu mythological characters in various televison series, religion is of no importance to him.  Javed Pathan (35) of Dhanbad says, "The b...
By Our Correspondent in Dhanbad

Entertainment  /  Published 06.07.20

Evil: A cocktail of myth, occultism, thrill and folklore

Something eerie unfolds with the frightful drama thriller series Evil airing weeknights at 10 on Zee Cafe. Filled with numerous analogies of myth, occultism and folklore, the ensemble cast stars Mike ...
By The Telegraph in

Entertainment  /  Published 08.01.19

Brexit sentiment hits Hercule Poirot

A blood-splattered copy of the ABC railway guide, along with a stocking, is always found at the scene of the murders, which follow the letters of the alphabet. Thus, Alice Ascher is stabbed in her tob...
By Amit Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 09.01.20

Jamtara: A cyber crime tale

Jamtara, a small town in Jharkhand, is the epicentre of cyber crime in the country. Phishing — the practice of fraudulently acquiring people’s secret information like passwords and bank details ...
By Priyanka Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 17.05.19

A final ode to the Game of Thrones

By Priyam Marik in


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