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Style  /  Published 29.07.21

Monsoon mantras

We all love the rainy season and the feeling of getting drenched, the taste of pakoras and hot coffees, but there is always a flip side. Monsoons bring a long and high duration of humidity, which affe...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 31.05.21

Rejuvenate with Earthy care’s skincare range

Orange and Yoghurt face mask: Warm yellow in colour, this mask is made with real orange peel and fresh yoghurt. Orange, which is known to produce collagen in the skin, helps in making the skin firm wh...
By Pramita Ghosh

Style  /  Published 13.05.21

Skin tips for new moms

Hormonal changes and tiredness that come with being a new mother can cause skin problems. Here are some easy hacks for you to follow. 1 Try to sleep for 8 hours: We know it’s difficult to get t...
By Rukshmani Thakkar

Style  /  Published 13.05.21

Gua sha stone massage

A most talked-about tool on social media is the gua sha stone face massager. A gua sha stone is part of ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The massage is used to scrape the skin deliberat...
By Ishrat Ansar

Health  /  Published 03.05.21

Busting myths around botox

Dr Ishad Aggarwal, MD, is a consultant dermatologist. He is also a skin, laser and aesthetic medicine expert and a trainer for Botox and fillers. Find him on Instagram @skindoc_ishad ...
By Dr Ishad Aggarwal


Style  /  Published 29.04.21

Supercure for acne

Benzoyl peroxide is an amazing ingredient for fighting acne and pimples. It unclogs your pores, kills bacteria and removes dead skin cells, though it comes with a few restrictions. Benefits • I...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 14.04.21

Exfoliate and tone

Who Needs This Toner  Those with:  ⚪ Dry and flaky skin   ⚪ Dehydrated, uneven skin  ⚪ Skin on which foundation does not sit nicely because the dead layer has not be...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 08.04.21

Face shaver for ladies

Note • Don’t shave near your eyes until you are too confident about it.  •  Clean the razor frequently. • Make sure to moisturise immediately after shaving. &bu...
By Ishrat Ansar

Style  /  Published 06.04.21

Of nail art, skin care and more

The interiors decorated with shades of candy pink, black and white, fun glow signs, quotes and artificial florals give a fancy vibe to the place. Divided into two sections, the nail art station offers...
By Priyanka Roy (t2 intern)

Culture  /  Published 29.03.21

Go natural for a #newnormal Holi

Aishwarya Biswas is the founder & CEO, AULI Active Ayurveda. ...
By Aishwarya Biswas


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