Science  /  Published 22.05.20

Time for sciences to come together

Two to tangoThe co-evolution of theory and experiments – when the two tango well – is what clicks. I saw this up close while pursuing my PhD in neuroscience at the Salk Institute for Biological Sc...
By Sumantra Chatterjee in

West Bengal  /  Published 06.02.20

Confusion in ISC practical

The ISC physics practical had to be extended by half an hour on Thursday because of alleged “confusing instructions” about a compulsory question.The question, carrying nine marks, asked the examin...
By Our Special Correspondent in Calcutta

Food  /  Published 23.01.20

The maths of espresso coffee

Scientists have used a mix of mathematics and physics to propose a novel recipe for espresso coffee that they say will waste less coffee, is cheaper to make, and consistent from shot to shot.A 10-memb...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

Science  /  Published 07.01.20

Eclipse hunters

Life evolved on Mother Earth not only because of the water and oxygen available here but also for other not-so-obvious reasons. One of them is the ionosphere, which absorbs harmful ultra-violet (UV) a...
By Sandip Chakrabarti in Calcutta

Science  /  Published 15.12.19

Christmas comet

Comets are mysterious and not-so-rare cosmic visitors. We see them — if not always their bright, long tails — once every decade or so, often with the naked eye. The most interesting aspect of a co...
By Sandip Chakrabarti in Calcutta

Science  /  Published 24.11.19

Can we call mission Chandrayaan-2 successful when it failed to land?

The saga of Vikram, the lander of Chandrayaan-2, seems never-ending. Like a long-running TV soap we were told for the last 10 years that this remarkable mission to the moon would reveal many unknown s...
By Sandip Chakrabarti in Calcutta

Education  /  Published 04.11.19

Far space, near space

By Prasun Chaudhuri in

World  /  Published 08.10.19

3 scientists win Nobel Prize in Physics

Three scientists have won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for their contribution to the understanding of the evolution of the universe and 'Earth's place in the cosmos.'One half of the award was given...
By AP in Stockholm

India  /  Published 09.09.19

Disquiet over UGC curricula prod

The University Grants Commission has advised universities to adopt a string of curricula it has designed for undergraduate subjects with added emphasis on enhancing vocational skills, attracting charg...
By Basant Kumar Mohanty in New Delhi

Science  /  Published 03.09.19

A wingless aircraft that flies on air

More than 72 years ago, a supposed sighting of “flying saucers” in the sky over northwestern US kicked off a worldwide craze over UFOs (unidentified flying objects). The mass frenzy around mysteri...
By Prasun Chaudhuri in


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