Opinion  /  Published 09.09.22

Three future options

The attempts to build socialism in some nations during the twentieth century have not been successful. The promised land of abundance, free from exploitative relationships, did not arrive. Instead, th...
By Anup Sinha

Opinion  /  Published 08.09.22

Yawning chasm

Capitalism, like slavery and feudalism earlier, is characterised by the existence of two antagonistic classes, the capitalists and the proletariat. But any actual society, including what everyone woul...
By Prabhat Patnaik

Opinion  /  Published 03.08.22

Enduring crisis

Over a century ago, the Marxist revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg,  had argued that the capitalist economy needed  “outside” markets to keep its growth going; and she had seen pre-ca...
By Prabhat Patnaik

Opinion  /  Published 22.02.22

Time is money

We live under Fast Capitalism, which is profoundly transforming our sense of waiting. A 24x7 consumer economy and click-and-order services mean that we need our goods, food, cabs, and services in or b...
By Arun Kumar

Opinion  /  Published 10.01.22

Battle force: BJP and farmers

Farmers’ unions called for a jubilant end to their peaceful protest. The battle had been won even before the farm laws were repealed. This is because the protest had forged social solidarity bet...
By Anita Tagore


Opinion  /  Published 07.01.22

The urban upper-middle class versus the peasantry

With the neo-liberal regime ushering in the development of a no-holds-barred capitalism in India, one might have expected the main antagonistic classes under this mode of production — the capita...
By Prabhat Patnaik

Opinion  /  Published 01.10.21

Future wish list for a post-Covid world

The opening lines of a popular song by Tears for Fears go like this: “Shout! Shout! Let it all out!/ These are the things I can do without!” This raucous, elemental voicing of protest in &...
By Amir Ali

Opinion  /  Published 01.09.21

The Age of Dissatisfaction

Karl Marx continues to be debated for his critique of capitalism. One of his important critiques, alongside that of growing inequalities under capitalism, was of the growing sense of alienation. His e...
By Ajay Gudavarthy

Opinion  /  Published 28.08.21

'Lying Flat': The sloth’s redemption

Rumour has it that not only has the sloth made it to the Chinese calendar, but that it could also be given pride of place by that nation’s millennials. Synonymous with one of the seven deadly si...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 12.05.21

Myths about wealth creators

In political conversations, wealth creation is conflated with wealth accumulation, preservation and aggrandizement. They are not the same; all of the above are not virtues either. Most wealth accumula...
By Satya Narayan Mohanty


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