Opinion  /  Published 31.01.20

Economy may wither

Market capitalism suffers from, what psychiatrists describe as, bipolar disorder. The affliction leads to alternate periods of elation and depression. This ailment can be controlled and managed by tre...
By Anup Sinha in

Opinion  /  Published 12.12.19

Time for prayer

Market economies have an innate tendency to make prices, output and employment fluctuate. Sometimes, the swings are minor and short-lived; at other times, they can take the form of a crisis affecting...
By Anup Sinha in

Opinion  /  Published 06.12.19

Welfare measures and wealth creation

In the ‘post-truth’ world we live in, the pervasive use of arguments based on chicanery should not surprise us. One such argument goes as follows: a high level of wealth inequality no doubt underm...
By Prabhat Patnaik in

Opinion  /  Published 30.07.19

Thinking is at least as important as texting

I received two messages which arrived almost simultaneously, fairly early in the morning, about a fortnight ago: the first, written on a postcard, had been posted from Addis Ababa by a globetrotting f...
By Samantak Das in

Opinion  /  Published 12.06.19

Why anti-colonial nationalism matters today

The concept of nationalism that informed India’s anti-colonial struggle was a unique and unprecedented idea. There were at least three ways in which it was the very opposite of the concept of nation...
By Prabhat Patnaik in

Books  /  Published 09.05.19

After capitalism, what? Exploring options

It’s fairly obvious to almost everyone now that global capitalism as a system has run out of steam, that it has created unequal societies with unjust outcomes that are increasingly also seen as unac...
By Jayati Ghosh in

Opinion  /  Published 30.04.19

The lethal half-life of toxic ideologies

Even if you become interested in history at a young age, you tend to view it in simple terms: so and so won, so and so lost, this war ended precisely on this date, that rule began at precisely that mo...
By Ruchir Joshi in

Opinion  /  Published 05.04.19

Glimpses of the new order

The terms, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ first came to be used in their modern sense in the wake of the French Revolution to refer to the seating arrangements of the members on either side of the main ai...
By Pitamber Kaushik in

Opinion  /  Published 13.03.19

Neo-liberalism seems to be at a dead end

The decision of the American president, Donald Trump, to remove several of India’s exports to the United States of America from the zero-tariff list has a significance much beyond questions like how...
By Prabhat Patnaik in

India  /  Published 12.03.19

Raghuram Rajan's alert on capitalism

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on Tuesday warned that capitalism is under “serious threat” of a “revolt” as the economic and political system has stopped providing for the people, especial...
By PTI in London


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