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Books  /  Published 09.08.19

India: The surveillant state

One wonders if what India has been witnessing in the last decade or so indicates a neo-liberal economy riding on the shoulders of Hindutva, or Hindutva seizing the neo-liberal moment to bolster Hindu ...
By Prasanta Ray

Books  /  Published 17.04.20

Quoth the raven

The most interesting segments of this rigorously researched novel are those that surround architecture and town planning — Julio Braganza works with the likes of Lutyens to shape the shining capital...
By Srimoyee Bagchi

Books  /  Published 17.04.20

A view from within the Sangh Parivar

One of the paradoxes of the Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) movement in India which has moved from strength to strength in recent decades has been its ability to woo and win over an increasing number of ...
By Tapan Basu

Books  /  Published 02.08.19

Partition traced through the lives of refugee women

The Refugee Woman: Partition of Bengal, Gender, and the Political has made a timely and significant intervention in Partition Studies. In this monograph, Paulomi Chakraborty has consciously steered aw...
By Sutanuka Ghosh

Books  /  Published 27.09.18

Sangeetha Sreenivasan's novel Acid is a trip

Acid, by the bilingual author, Sangeetha Sreenivasan, is a translation from her Malayalam original that won her the Thoppil Ravi award in 2017. It is interesting to note that the cover image of the Ma...
By S.D. Chaudhuri


Books  /  Published 27.09.18

Caste rage, translated in short stories

Rage informs every syllable of Baburao Bagul’s short story collection, When I Hid My Caste. But rage for Bagul is a formal principle, an emotion transformed into an artistic tool that carves out his...
By Bhaswati Chakravorty

Books  /  Published 27.09.18

Is Pakistan doomed or can it be reimagined?

All homelands are imaginary, all nations are invented, while the imagination holds people in its sway strongly enough to make them behave in quite perverse ways — be it in the defence of a book, or ...
By Kingshuk Chatterjee

Books  /  Published 20.09.18

Never say die

In Rethinking Higher Education in India (WordsWorth, Rs 275), Hema V. Raghavan deals with an issue that is often at the heart of public discourse in the country. Parties from across the political spec...
By Debapriya Banerjee

Books  /  Published 20.09.18

Wilkie Collins gave us the first woman detective

When Wilkie Collins died in September 1889, critics and readers were agreed that his best work was long past. He was struck by gout in the 1860s, known otherwise as the period in which he produced his...
By Bhaswati Chakravorty

Books  /  Published 19.07.19

Naxalite movement: Struggles still unforgotten

Contesting a Left-liberal estimate which has historically dubbed the Naxalite movement an anarchist and sectarian one, the editor, Ranabir Samaddar, in From Popular Movements to Rebellion, argues for ...
By Sharmila Purkayastha


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