Wireless chargers for QI compatible phones

The round charging dock is a little smaller than a compact disk and covered in an air-filled white cushion

  • Published 6.01.19, 5:30 PM
  • Updated 6.01.19, 5:30 PM
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Toreto Magik Wireless Charger Source: Toreto website

GAME: Toreto Magik Wireless Charger

TECH SPECS: Syncs with smartphones and devices with QI wireless charging technology

PRICE: Rs 1,999

BEST FOR: Wireless charging of smartphone

Every time I see a wireless phone charger, it reminds me of Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. He made dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power, but was never able to translate his copious inventions into financially successful products, unlike his employer, and later rival, Thomas Edison. Tesla was the first person who envisioned wireless charging technology way back in 1891 and dreamt of supplying power through the air by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, a transmitter and a receiver.

For over a century, the technology did not have even a handful of practical applications, excluding a few electric toothbrush models. However, in recent times wireless charging is having a resurgence in the field of healthcare, manufacturing and automobile industry, because it gives you the freedom to stay un-tethered in an Internet of Things (IoT) world.

As the name suggests, wireless charging means you no longer need to plug a cable into your smartphone to charge it. The wireless chargers on offer with some models of iPhone and Samsung are usually a charging dock where you put the phone face up to recharge. The mechanism involves an open interface standard known as Qi (pronounced CHEE; from the Chinese word qi, which means “energy flow”) that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over distances up to 4cm.

Some of these charging pads are quite expensive, especially those made for the iPhone, but they are expected to soon become an essential accessory for smartphones.

Although I am quite happy with my traditional wired charger, I loved the cute wireless charging pad produced by the start-up, Toreto. The round charging dock is a little smaller than a compact disk and covered in an air-filled white cushion.

It has a sensitive induction coil and high-end chip that allows fast charging and protects the smartphone from over-heating, over-charging, voltage fluctuation and short circuiting. Magik allows you to charge your phone with the cover on and automatically stops charging when the battery is full.

While its anti-skid silicon cover protects the phone from scratches, the charger also has a built-in magnetic insulation sheet that ensures these is no radiation. This charger also automatically detects any metallic objects while working and an LED indicator light starts flashing in warning. The charger comes with a built-in vibration switch.

The only grouse is that it won’t work if your phone is not compatible with Qi technology. And that’s a lot of phones.

Belkin 5-Watt Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Belkin 5-Watt Qi Wireless Charging Pad Source: belkin website


Similar charging devices

CurioCity Qi Wireless Charger: This is an ultra-slim, UFO-shaped, crystal clear wireless charging pad with LED light. It features double protection against damage to your device. Sensors detect the level of heat produced by both the charger and your device to prevent overheating. Advanced battery level detection allows the charger to know when your smartphone is fully charged and suspend charging, protecting the battery.

Price: Rs 999 

Belkin 5-Watt Qi Wireless Charging Pad: This Qi-certified wireless charger delivers a safe charging experience. Place your phone on the non-slip charging surface and enjoy a faster charging process than on standard wireless charging bases. A green LED light glows when your phone is correctly aligned and charging. The device is slim, light and travel-friendly.

Price: Rs 2,800