Unlock your pendrive

Tech Tonic

By Surit Doss
  • Published 12.02.18

How can a pen drive that has become write-protected or locked be formatted?

Nilanjana Ghosh and Koushik Roy

With the pen drive inserted into the computer, click on Start and in the Search box type cmd. Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. Once the Command Prompt opens, type "diskpart" and press Enter. Diskpart is a disk-partitioning tool for Windows.

Type in "list disk" and hit Enter. It should show two disks: the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as Disk 0, and the USB pen drive as Disk 1. Type select disk 1 and hit Enter. Next type in "attributes disk", and Diskpart will tell you about the status of your pen drive. The first line will say Current Read-only State: Yes. This means it is write protected. Remove the write protection by typing "attributes disk clear readonly".

Photo trouble

While downloading photos from my iPad to the computer, the pictures display sideways or inverted and need to be rotated. When I attach them in WhatsApp, they get inverted again. WhatsApp has no tools to correct this.

Protip Bhattacharjee

This is happening because of outdated software. Download Windows Live Photo Gallery from https://goo. gl/bb5Lrt and view the photos there instead of Explorer. The pictures can be corrected in WhatsApp too. Select an image and tap on the crop icon at the top. Now choose the rotation tool from the bottom left to change the picture's orientation.

Here's a trick

Q The Chrome browser frequently shuts down on my Redmi 1s phone. Is there a way to fix this?

Anas Hedayatullah

It is a bug, but a small trick can solve the problem. Open Chrome and then press the Home button in the centre. Press the Menu button on the bottom left. This will show all your recently opened apps. Swipe the Chrome icon downwards and tap the lock button. The browser should stop crashing when you open it.

Repair required

Q I recently updated my Lenovo laptop to the latest version Windows 10. Every time I start the computer, a Microsoft Word document opens. It is always the same Word file. I use Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro bought in Oman.

Benoy Kumar Shaw

You first should try to repair your installation of Microsoft Office. Go to Settings-Apps-Apps & Features and find Microsoft Office. Click on it and you will be given the option to 'Modify' it. Click on 'Yes' to allow changes to your computer, assuming you have logged in with administrator privileges. An Office window will open asking if you want to do a Quick Repair or Online Repair. Chose Quick Repair. Restart your computer to see if it works. If not, then do an Online Repair. If the problem persists then you will need to create a new profile or wait for the next Windows 10 update to solve the issue.

Calendar code

The calendar app on my Mac (running macOS v10.13.3) displays US holidays since the region is set to the US. I don't want to change this, but I also want the app to display Indian festivals. Is there an easy way to do this?

Saikat Kundu

There is, in fact, a very easy way to do this. The option for this resides in Settings and not in the Calendar preferences. Open Settings-Languages & Region. Click the plus sign and add English India. Don't make this the primary language. Make sure it stays under English US. Now open the Calendar app on your Mac and go to its Preferences-General. Turn off Show Holidays calendar and close the dialog box. Open it once again and turn the Holidays calendar back on. Your calendar will now display Indian holidays and festivals as well as the ones in the US.

Red protect

I got a new Redmi Note 4. Is there any need to get antivirus software for it?

Bishmita Dutta

There is no need to instal any antivirus app for your phone. The Redmi Note 4 has its own Security app, which is more than enough to protect your phone. Just remember to instal all the updates when they become available.