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By Surit Doss
  • Published 10.09.18

Q Could you please suggest a free video editor for me? I cannot afford to buy a professional tool for my Windows computer.

Neha Sharma

You are right, advanced software tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro can be expensive. Added to that, the Photos app that has replaced Windows Movie Maker is very limited in its ability to edit videos. However, there are some free good video-editing tools that you can use. The free video editor from VSDC ( www. /download) has most of the capabilities of an expensive professional software. Another good option is Lightworks that has actually been used in some films. Get it from the Downloads page at

Wrong date

Q My iPhone shows the year as 2561 BE, but the calendar shows the correct dates and days.

Tshering Sherpa

It seems that your phone's setting has changed to the Buddhist calendar. Go to Settings-General-Language & Region-Calendar and select Gregorian.


Q Is there any way to find out if someone on my contact list has blocked me?

Sambit Ghosh

There are some indicators. For instance, you will never be able to see if the person is online or not. Any messages you send to him or her will show one tick mark and not two that stands for delivery confirmation. If you place a call, it will not go through. If you suspect somebody has blocked you, try to create a group. When you try to add that person, you will not be able to.

Space problem

Q I have a Lenovo A1000 phone with 1GB RAM. Can I increase storage space?

Jahar Bagchi

Your smartphone has a storage space of 8GB. The 1GB RAM on the phone is used to hold app data temporarily before it is passed on to the CPU for processing. Your photos, media and apps are stored in the 8GB of space that your phone has, along with the Android operating system. Just 8GB is not enough for an Android phone. You can only add a microSD of 32GB on your phone to increase the storage space. The RAM cannot be increased.

Downloads stalled

Q Downloads keep getting stalled on my Samsung J7 Prime when I try to get apps from the Google Play Store. I am on Jio's 4G network.

Abir Maji

The first thing to do is to clear the data of the Play Store. Go to Settings-Apps and scroll down and choose Google Play Store. Tap on Storage and select Clear Data. Next, go to Settings-Apps and tap the three dots on the top right. Select Show System Apps. Scroll down to Download manager and tap on it. Make sure this is enabled and press Force Stop. Finally, Open the Settings and go to General Management-Date and Time. Make sure Automatic date and time are turned on. You could also remove your Google account, restart the phone and add the account once more. The problem should be solved. To avoid such problems always update your apps regularly from the Play Store.

New task

Q I am unable to change the background and themes on my HP laptop with Windows 10. I regularly update Windows and the problem started showing up a few months ago. Nothing happens when I click on "Personalisation" under Windows Settings.

Rajarshi Goswami

Press Control-Alt-Del together on your keyboard. Select Task Manager. Go to the File menu and click on "Run new task". Type explorer, and enable "Create this task with administrative privileges" and click on OK. Wait for a couple of minutes and restart your computer. You should be able to change the wallpaper and themes now.

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