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  • Published 27.11.17

GARMIN FORERUNNER 630: GPS-enabled watch and chest-strap heart rate monitor. This tracks cadence and ground contact time. The data is easy to track while running. However, you need better web-based guidance on how to improve gait or stride. This is not a coach.
Price: Rs 32,300; amazon.com

RUNSCRIBE: Pods inside shoes send data to your phone while you run; they provide precise measurement that give an idea how you compare to other runners. It gives you an idea how changing your shoes, terrain, or pace can affect your stride. But don’t expect any real-time feedback or coaching.
Price: Rs 12,868; runscribe.com

STRYD PIONEER POWER METER: This is a chest-strap monitor that syncs with your phone or watch. It helps track how hard you've been working. Rather than telling you how to improve, Stryd shows you whether a change results in better economy — your power output will go down when holding the same pace. However, it doesn’t identify form problems.
Price: Rs 12,868; stryd.com