Never lose anything, just tag it


  • Published 23.10.17

GADGET: Find by Sensegiz

TECH SPECS: Supported on Android versions 4.3 and above; and iOS devices running version 7.0 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0 built in 

PRICE: Rs 1,899 on Amazon

BEST FOR: Tracking lost keys, wallets, pets...

I tend to misplace things quite often. Keys vanish, my smartphone disappears and my employee ID is untraceable. Even our pet — a street dog called Desiree — takes off to roam the neighbourhood without letting us know. So I’ve often wished for a simple (and inexpensive) tracking device. 

There are, of course, several tracking devices on the market. The sophisticated ones, based on Geographical Positioning System (GPS) technology, can help you track anyone or anything in real time, with a little help from cellular networks, and the Internet. A personal GPS tracking system has many uses in today’s world but there is scary side. The virtual safety net can also intrude into your privacy. And all of them cost a bomb. 

Find, a Bluetooth-based tracking tool, isn’t that intrusive. It’s a small, square bit of plastic (1.5 inches or 38.6cm across) with three of the four corners rounded and a hole at the upper right to attach it to a keyring, wallet, or anything else you want to keep track of. It is less than a quarter inch (6.4mm) thick and quite light.  

The Find tagpairs with the Find app on your smartphone — both iOS and Android. The app can be tagged to multiple Find devices and you can assign unique names to each.

You can configure the range at which the alarm goes off. You can also share Find devices with others —say Find-tagged car keys with a spouse. When you need to locate your keys, just pull up the last-known location of the Find on a map. The plastic tag has no buttons, just a battery holder at the rear. The flap, however, is a bear to open. 
I put Find on my wallet and walked off with my smartphone. When I got out of range, it let me know— buzzing and beeping with a vengeance. You can also put this on your dog’s collar and, technically, on a toddler or an elderly person (with dementia or Alzheimer’s) too!   

With its 160 feet range, Find is best for domestic use. Though much cheaper than smarter cousins such as Spot or Amcrest, I feel the price (Rs 1,899 at Amazon India) could be a little lower. It would be best if they were sold in sets of three or five.

VERDICT: Reasonably priced but maybe we should wait for version 2.0.  



• Amcrest: With an inbuilt SIM card, this tracker sends SOS messages with location, vehicular speed alerts, and beeps when the object moves out of a defined area

Price: Rs 14,964 0n Amazon

• Yepzone: The GPS locator tracks everything important such as your close ones, pets, cars, luggage, boats, and golf bags - both near and far

Price: Rs 5,994

• Pod2: Locate your pet in real-time indoors and outdoors with the click of a button. Receive alerts on your phone when your pet leaves your set boundary

Price: Rs 12,885

• Trak GPS Tracker: Use it to keep track of your small kids, family members and loved ones

Price: Rs 6,999 on Amazon

• Letstrack Basic series : It can track a vehicle such as a car, bike or bus in real-time. It also has zone & speed alerts, and parking alerts within the vehicle tracking system.

Price: Rs 4,299