Meet Dr Phone for BP check


By Prasun Chaudhuri
  • Published 11.12.17

GADGET: Cooey Bluetooth Blood Pressure Meter

TECH SPECS: Needs Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone or tablet; Android 4.3. Syncs data with Android and iOS application via Bluetooth

PRICE: Rs 2,750

BEST FOR: Management of blood pressure; sending the analysed data to healthcare providers

Measuring blood pressure (BP) is a daily ordeal for many people. Technically called hypertension, the condition affects one in three adults. But probably there are as many as a third who may be unaware of the medical condition. They experience the odd twinge or headache, but ignore the early warning signs of impending disorders. Hypertension happens to be the biggest known cause of strokes, it also has a massive impact in a number of heart-related problems.

Taking regular measurements is particularly important as you get older, as the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle can build up and your blood pressure can increase. Most elderly people have to depend on others to get their BP checked. Some of them - who can afford - buy electronic machines to measure their own BP. But there are others who have to see doctors or summon healtcare workers to get it measured.

You'll find lots of gimmicks or impressive range of sophisticated devices for measuring your vital signs, but rest assured that home monitors for BP are highly useful.

Cooey's BP Meter is a notch above other BP meters in the market. The use of the device underlines a phenomenon - the Internet of Things (IOT) - where objects can transfer information over the Internet without human intervention. It can be connected to online networks through your smartphone. Patients or their relatives won't have to preserve reports of diagnostic tests, prescriptions and images. The data can be seamlessly transmitted to your healthcare provider.

Cooey's clinically validated device provides you accurate readings whether you are at home or on the go. This travel-friendly device helps you see your blood pressure and heart rate instantly on the sleek display.

Elderly people may face some difficulty in connecting the device to the smartphone, but Cooey has support staff to ease them out. Compared with branded or imported BP monitors, the gadget is affordable.

• Nokia BPM+: A successor to the Nokia BPM, this is ideal for on-the-go heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. It can be used in combination with the company's connected scale and lets you see improvements in your health as the weight comes off in a coloured graph. Connect it with your phone via an app.

Price: Rs 8,317

• Omron 10 Series: Omron is an expert in the field of consumer medical devices. This gadget manages and tracks up to 100 readings on your BP monitor and unlimited readings on your smartphone. Multi-coloured indicator clearly shows how your reading compares to normal home blood pressure levels

Price: Rs 9,711

• Philips Upper Arm BP Monitor: This gadget monitors blood pressure over time in the Philips Health Suite health app and shows how your measurement compares to the WHO blood pressure classification. This is targeted for consumers who are at risk of chronic, lifestyle-related conditions.

Price: Rs 15,371