Drive right to win this fight

Road to Revenge, with its wacky characters, awesome soundtrack and simple yet competitive gameplay, is the closest that a mobile game comes to it.

By Karan R. Gaikwad
  • Published 27.08.18

GAME: Fastlane: Road to Revenge, designed by Space Ape Games
GENRE: Racing, action
PLATFORMS: Android and iOS 

All of us have, at some time or the other, played and loved the motorbike racing game, Road Rash. Many of us have also wondered when we can lay our hands on a mobile version. Fastlane: Road to Revenge, with its wacky characters, awesome soundtrack and simple yet competitive gameplay, is the closest that a mobile game comes to it.

The premise is simple. Gang bosses have taken over your city and it's your job to win it back part by part, using your awesome driving skills. The gameplay is easy - you control your car with your finger while shooting at the enemies. Every enemy you destroy gives you cash and upgrade points. There are also obstacles on the road, such as roadblocks and missiles, that need to be manoeuvred around. As if this were not enough, the speed continuously increases, making the stages more difficult by the minute.

One of the best aspects of Fastlane is its soundtrack. The songs chosen go very well with the graphics. You also have the option of customising the sound track, depending on the music stored on your device. Compared to other games, the graphics seem to be lacking something but the gameplay more than makes up for it.

Fastlane gets its distinct character from the many bosses in it. These bosses are part of the story mode and randomly pop up in the middle of a level. Winning it takes you to the next part of town. But it's not just the bosses that you have to defeat. Other players in the game are also your opponents. This gives a very competitive feel to the game and raises the excitement level.

Fastlane also features the alter egos of 20 popular YouTube gamers, who have special events and challenges tied to them in the game.

All the money you collect is used to upgrade over 20 unique cars, buy new cars, buy powerful boosts that help you in game. There are also 10 drones that you can buy and upgrade along with powerful vehicle transformations that can turn you into a helicopter.

VERDICT: Fastlane, as the name suggests, is a fast- paced adrenaline-thumping action game. The graphics are not very good and the environments can feel repetitive after a point. However, if are looking for a time killer that feels like Road Rash, look no further. I would rate it eight out of 10.


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