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A very Toony puzzle game

The game is lively and there are multiple events running simultaneously, each with different goals and rewards

By Karan R. Gaikwad
  • Published 10.02.19, 5:07 PM
  • Updated 10.02.19, 5:07 PM
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Toon Blast by Peak Games Sourced by The Telegraph

Game: Toon Blast by Peak Games

Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Android and iOS

Puzzle match games on mobile are definitely a lot of fun and the favoured way of many to kill time. Toon Blast is another such game but with charming artwork and some fascinating features.

The main draw of Toon Blast is its unique theme. Everything that you do in the game will remind you of the cartoons you have watched as a child. All the characters present have some or the other resemblance to our favourite cartoons, especially the ones that were broadcast on your favourite Cartoon Network. The loading screens that give you tips also do it in a very endearing and cartoonish manner.

Puzzles in Toon Blast are simple to understand and play but, at the same time, difficult to master. The overall flow of difficulty has been maintained beautifully. Like any other game, you need hearts to continue playing but Toon Blast is easy enough for you to not need hearts at least in the first week of playing the game. There is also ample variation in the obstacles presented as one crosses levels. These range from balloons and jellies to magic hats that give you carrots. These obstacles keep the game fresh and fun to play.

One of the ways of getting past the obstacles is the boosters. The boosters are themed perfectly to suit the cartoon element. They include bombs, disco balls, rockets, hammers and anvils and are all geared towards helping you cross levels. If you manage to create these boosters next to each other, they combine with each other and create a super booster that has the powers of all of them. Getting such a combination is exhilarating and a treat to watch.

The main in-game currency is the coins that you get for completing a game and from periodic chests. You can also unlock these chests after collecting the required number of stars. You can use these coins to get extra moves at the end of levels or to buy boosters. One can get lives by joining clans and asking for them from your clanmates. The game is lively and there are multiple events running simultaneously at all times, each with different goals and different rewards.

VERDICT: As the name suggests, Toon Blast is definitely a blast to play. That may, however, not be reason enough for expert Candy Crush players to leave their current game. It can at times also be too simple. However, if you love cartoons and want some childlike fun, Toon Blast is the game for you. I would rate it eight out of 10.

 Triple Town
Triple Town Sourced by The Telegraph

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