A fairground game on mobile


By Karan R. Gaikwad
  • Published 25.12.17

Game: Crash of Cars by Not Doppler

Genre: Racing, real-time multiplayer

Platforms: Android, iOS

If you liked riding bumper cars — also called bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars — at the theme park or fair, you’ll enjoy Crash of Cars. It gives you the same feeling, albeit with funky cars and cool weapons.

This is a multiplayer game in which the aim is to collect crowns scattered across the arena. It is an exciting cat-and-mouse chase to collect as many crowns as possible while escaping from or destroying other cars. The controls are simple but take some getting used to — with just two buttons to go left or right. When a car runs out of health, it drops all its crowns for others to collect. 

The game has two modes, the multiplayer mode where you are paired with random players from around the world and the friends mode where you can create a room and play with your friends. Matchmaking in the multiplayer mode is done right and you never feel that you are unfairly matched. You can either choose or randomly be put into eight different arenas that range from the moon to a haunted mansion. All the elements of these arenas are destructible, adding to the fun.

The objective of collecting the crowns is to get coins with which you can buy new cars. There are over 70 cars to choose from, which you can also customise. These car designs are wild, funny and very creative. However, you do not get to choose your car as it is a random drop. You can, of course, pay money to increase the chances of getting the car you like.

The best part is the different weapons you can collect. There are mystery boxes strewn around the arena that anyone can pick to get one of 16 different weapons. You may get a snowball machine that can stop other cars in their tracks or a Railgun that obliterates all cars that come in its way. It is an exhilarating feeling to get a powerful weapon while at the same time running from someone else who has one.

Since it’s an online multiplayer game, there can be connection issues while playing. The controls can be a bit difficult to get used to and it is frustrating when you don’t get the car of your choice. 

Verdict: Crash of Cars is a lot of fun for anyone looking for a cool car game with the thrill of a cat-and-mouse chase. I’d give it 8 out of 10.