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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 26.07.13

Q1 In 1913, when floods devastated Raspur High School and Raspur People’s Library, many villagers had made an appeal to leaders for restoration of the institutions. Some one responded to this appeal by giving a sum of Rs 10 for restoration of the library. Who was he?


Q2 The son of Rammohan Dutt and friend of Ram Basu, was a well-known Kabigaan singer. Who was he?


Q3 A revolutionary from Acharyapara Lane in central Howrah killed the postmaster of Sankharitollah Post Office in a robbery attempt in the early 1920s and was arrested and sentenced to death. However, the verdict was later changed to life imprisonment. Who was he?


Q4 A lanky medium pacer took 139 wickets in 41 matches from 1965-76 when he played for Bengal, Railways and Services in the Ranji Trophy. This year, he was awarded the Kartick Bose Lifetime Achievement Award by the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). Who is he?


Q5 This member of Bally Swimming Club represented India in the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Who is he?






Answers to this week’s questions

A1. Jawaharlal Nehru

A2. Thakurdas Dutta

A3. Baren Ghosh

A4. Samar Chakraborty


The correct answer to Q5 of July 19 quiz was Amir Goni

The following people sent the correct answer

  • Poltoo Bhattacharya, Ramrajatala
  • Banku, Kona
  • Mitadru Majumdar, Vivek Vill
  • Alok Apan Swatiputra, Ramrajatala
  • Sibaram Chakraborty, Salkia
  • Subimal Kanti Roy, Uttarpara
  • Sudipta Kumar Munsi, Baksara
  • Somdeb Sen, Andul
  • Shankar Sensharma, Howrah
  • Anupam Mukherjee, Salkia
  • Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Andul
  • Himanshu Patra, Deulpur