Top cop's letter of lies Clean chit in suicide tale

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  • Published 9.10.07

In an eight-page letter to the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, police commissioner Prasun Mukherjee has reiterated that Rizwanur Rahman committed suicide on September 21. He has also rubbished allegations against his officers for their role in Rizwanur-Priyanka’s separation.

The report, submitted by the government to the commission, however, has stated that the investigation is “inconclusive”.

On the basis of the letter written by Prasun Mukherjee (memo No. 27/c) — which Metro gained access to on Monday — we dissect the distortions and lay bare the lies of the police commissioner...

PRASUN’S POINT: There were reports in the media giving details of various text messages sent by Rizwanur to his friends, saying he would end his life within minutes.

COUNTERPOINT: This has not been corroborated by the police investigation and there is no evidence of the text messages.

PRASUN’S POINT: The guard of a train is understood to have reported in writing, on the basis of a report from the driver, that an unknown person had been knocked down by the train at 10.30am. The driver was a witness to the incident.

COUNTERPOINT: No driver of any train has said he knocked down or saw any other train knocking down Rizwanur. This includes the six who were interrogated by the CID on Monday.

PRASUN’S POINT: The police were not at fault for calling the couple three times to Lalbazar, because of the circumstances. Also, the couple had come willingly to the police headquarters on each occasion. It was a mutual agreement.

COUNTERPOINT: Rizwanur’s detailed account submitted to the APDR makes it clear that the police had harassed and hounded the young couple, forcing them to separate on September 8.

PRASUN’S POINT: The Todis’ opposition to the marriage was based on religion, not financial status.

COUNTERPOINT: At the media conference on September 23, Mukherjee had stated that Rizwanur’s “social and financial status” did not match the Todis and so the opposition from the family was “natural”.

“The report sent by the police chief is full of discrepancies and we have asked the electronic media to give us a video recording of the press conference called by him on September 23,” said B. Mahapatra, the secretary of the human rights commission. Following that, the commission plans to summon Mukherjee.