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The soul of Mohinyattam

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  • Published 25.02.09
The soul of Mohinyattam
Capturing the spirit of one art form through another is in itself an aesthetic adventure. It is all the more challenging to recreate the charm and grace of a classical art form in a medium like film. A documentary on Mohinyattam, Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s The Dance of the Enchantress takes up this challenge in great style. A tribute to this classical dance form of Kerala, it brings into focus the essential character of the art form through the film’s own meditative and unhurried compositions. Marked by brilliant expositions by various performers, the film creates a special ambience and demands a reflective mindset from viewers to enable them to ease into the very soul of the art. In the process, the film documents some of the most impressive performances by reowned and upcoming artistes of our time. Featuring dance performances by Kalamandalam Satyabhama, Sreedevi Rajan, Kalamandalam Kshemavathy, Kalamandalam Leelamma, Smitha Rajan and Neena Prasad and accompanied by singers like Kalamandalam Jayaprakash, Kalamandalam Jagadeesh and Madhavan Namboothiri, it also portrays the famous palaces, houses and training grounds like Thiruvattar Temple, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kuthiramalika, Bhajanapuram Kottaram and Kalamandalam, that have nurtured this art. Hosted by The Seagull Foundation for the Arts.

Event: Screening of Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s documentary The Dance of the Enchantress When: Today; 3 pm & 6 pm Where: Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre, 36C S.P. Mukherjee Road


Till February 26 at Photographer’s Gallery, 59A Southend Park, Gol Park; 3 pm - 8 pm: The second solo exhibition of paintings by Tanima Bhattacharya. Till February 27 at Chemould Art Gallery, 12F Park Street; 2 pm - 7 pm: Monami in Flower, an exhibition of recent paintings by Monami Chowdhury. Till February 28 at Idiyas Gallery, 15 Dover Road, #65508418; 10.30 am - 7.30 pm: The Masters of Imagination — an exhibition of the works by Kartick Pyne, Atin Basak, Tapas Sardar, Prokash Karmakar, Suhas Roy, Sanatan Dinda, Sukanta Das, Bratin Khan, Aditya Basak, Sibsaday, Subroto Das and others. Till February 28 at CIMA Gallery; 2 pm - 7 pm: Shall Return Again... — Recent works by Paramjit Singh. Till February 28 at Studio 21, 17L Dover Terrace, #2486 6735; 11 am - 7 pm: Mindscape — Works by Harish Ojha, Rahul B. Wagh and Hemant Rao. Till February 28 at Art Walk, South City Mall; 12 noon - 8 pm: Artistic Impression presents an art exhibition, organised by Emami Chisel Art Pvt. Ltd and South City Mall. Till February 28 at Mon Art Gallerie, 6 Hungerford Street, Regency, 3rd floor, #2289 5438; 11 am - 6.30 pm: Gods, Icons, Masses — an exhibition of paintings and sculptures curated by Anirudh Chari. Participating artists: Satyajit Das, Jotirmoy De, Snehasis Maity, Lalt Kishor Pradhan and Debanjan Roy. Till February 28 at Ganges Art, 33A Jatin Das Road, #2465 3212; 11 am - 7 pm: Young Blood, a group show featuring works by Mrinal Dey, Ramu Das, Sabir Ali, Sanjoy Sengupta, Soumya Samanta, Deepak Rajvhar, Manisha Dey and Bhaskar Goswami. Till February 28 at Galerie Karma, P-505 Keyatola Road, #24636731/2; 11 am - 7 pm: Sublimity of the Grotesque, the first solo exhibition of drawings and paintings by Mallika Das Sutar. Till February 28 at Angan Art Gallery, 11 Fern Place; 3 pm - 8 pm: An exhibition of paintings by Sagar Banerjee. Till February 28 at G.C. Laha Centenary Fine Arts Gallery, 7 Chittaranjan Avenue, 1st floor, #65216931; 2 pm - 7 pm: The Creative Vision presents Time, an exhibition of paintings by its member artists Uttam Bhowmik, Sibananda Samanta, Subir Maity and Ashok Maity. Till March 4 at Gallery K2, Supra Court, 35 Lansdowne Terrace, #24651444; 11 am - 7 pm: An Inner Journey — The works of Katayun Saklat. Till March 4 (except Sunday) at Emami Chisel Art Pvt. Ltd, Emami Tower, 687 Anandapur, EM Bypass, #40113182/3: An exhibition of paintings by Ganesh Chandra Basu. Till March 5 (except Saturday) at Galerie La Mere, 3 Regent Park; 4 pm - 8 pm: Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture presents Parama, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by leading women artists. Till March 5 at Samokal Art Gallery, 23 Gariahat Road, 1st floor, Gol Park, #9836276110/ 9836057232; 4 pm - 8 pm: Mind of Matter / Matter of Mind — an international art exhibition of paintings, sculpture and installation. Participants: Deepak Rajbhar, Harshavardhan Sharma, Iliad Sabchi, Janak Jhankar Narzary, Kim Sung Mi, Mandip Chakravartty, Nilanjan Banerjee, Partha Pratim Deb, Rajesh Bhowmik, Rajshree Karkera Apte, Rishav Gandhar Narzary, Sajad Hamdani, Sanjay Sawant, Saravudth Duangjumpa, Sisir Thapa and Sunil De. Till March 12 (except Sunday) at Anant Art Gallery, 18 Alipore Road, #32584832; 11 am - 7 pm: Moments, an exhibition of the works of Sandip Daptari. Till March 12 (except Sunday) at Aakriti Art Gallery, 1st floor, Orbit Enclave, 12/3A Hungerford Street, #2289 3027/5041; 12 noon - 7 pm: Masterpieces II — an exhibition of selected paintings and sculptures by Paritosh Sen, K.H. Ara, Ajit Chakraborty, Ganesh Pyne, Kartick Chandra Pyne, Jogen Chowdhury, T. Vaikuntam, Partha Pratim Deb, Amalnath Chakladhar, Sanat Kar, P.R. Narvekar, Sekhar Ray, Subrata Biswas, Tapas Biswas, Nantu Behari Das and others. Till March 14 at Eye on Art Gallery, 3, Pretoria Street, 2nd floor;12 noon to 8 pm: Forms & Figures — an exhibition of contemporary paintings featuring the works of Arpana Caur, Asit Poddar, Atin Basak, F.N.Souza, Ganesh Haloi, Gouranga Beshai, Jamini Roy, Kartick Ch. Pyne, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Paritosh Sen, Partha Bhattacharjee, Partha Pratim Deb, Partha Shaw, Sanatana Dinda, Sekhar Kar, Shyamal Dutta Roy, Subhamita Bhattacharjee Dinda,and Tapas Sardar.


February 25 at Academy of Fine Arts; 6 pm: The concluding evening of a drama festival in celebration of 175th anniversary of Mackintosh Burn Limited features Aamina Sundari (Direction: Rokeya Rafiq Baby), produced by Theatre Art Unit, Dhaka. February 25 at Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex, IB 201 Salt Lake; 6 pm: EZCC’s monthly theatre show will feature Path... the Waterfall, a bilingual (English and Bengali) play directed by Debashis Dutta and to be presented by Institute of Factual Theatre Arts (IFTA). February 26 at Girish Mancha; 6 pm: As part of the centenary celebrations of Boys Own Library, Mukhomukhi and Niva Arts present Atmakatha, with Soumitra Chatterjee and Lily Chakraborty in the lead. Dir: Soumitra Chatterjee. February 26 at Rabindra Sadan; 6.30 pm: Sayak presents its latest production, Dournama. Drama: Indrasis Lahiri. Direction: Meghnad Bhattacharya. February 26 at Madhusudan Mancha; 6.30 pm: Shohan presents Helmet, a satire directed by Anish Ghosh. February 27 at Girish Mancha; 6.30 pm: Nandipat presents its latest production, Aapad, based on a story by Bimal Kar and dramatised by Rajat Ghosh. Dir: Bimal Chakraborty. March 1 at Minerva Theatre; 6.30 pm: Ajnatobass Nandikar’s latest production, directed by Sumanta Gangopadhyay. Story: Sukanta Gangopadhyay. Directorial adviser: Rudraprasad Sengupta.


February 25 at Sisir Mancha; 5 pm: Inauguration of Utal Hawa’s anniversary programme and Ranibnadh Lok Sanskriti Utsav 2009 features award ceremony, Tagore songs and poetry-reading. February 25 at Rabindra Sadan; 6 pm: In aid of Thalassaemia Foundation, Geetanjali Music School presents a programme of Bengali songs by Keya Chattopadhyay, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Shraboni Sen, Rakhi Sarkar, Banani Dey, Supti Chattopadhyay and Arunava Chattopadhyay.


Till March 5 (except Sunday) at Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts, 94 Ballygunge Place, #2460 4245; 10 am - 7 pm: Divinity Dance and Sensuality — an ensemble of photography and dance with images by Aharon Rothschild inspired by Chetna Jalan’s upcoming work, E-Mo-Ko (Who AM I).


February 25 at Oxford Bookstore, Park Street; 6.30 pm: Oxford Bookstore, Hay House Publishers India and Spandan host the launch of Dreams & Beyond: Finding Your Way in the Dark written by Madhu Tandan. The book will be released by celebrated artist Shuvaprasanna. The author will be in conversation with Renu Roy and Ashoke Viswanathan.


February 25 - 27 at Soumya’s Creation, 57/9 Ballygunge Circular Road; 10.30 am - 7 pm: Summer Time II, a three-day exhibition of children’s summer wear. Till February 28 at Dakshinapan, Dhakuria; 10.30 am - 7 pm: Poompuhar, the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, presents an exhibition of wood-carvings, brass lamps, Tanjore paintings, sandalwood logs, jewellery and more. Till February 28 at 23 Raja Santosh Road, Ambika Gardens, Flat-8C, #24792697: Namrata Kanoi displays her range of footwear and designer bags.


February 25 at Ramakrishna Mission Saradapitha, Belur Math; 5.30 pm: Swami Shastrajnananda will speak on Vivek Chudamoni. February 25 at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Vivekananda Hall, Gol Park; 6.15 pm: Swami Sarvabhutananda will speak in Bengali on Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita.All those who wish events to be included in this column should write not less than a week ahead to: Time out, The Telegraph,6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Calcutta-700 001; Fax: 2234-8244

All those who wish events to be included in this column should write not less than a week ahead to:

Time out, The Telegraph, 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Calcutta-700 001;
Fax: 2234-8244