Syllabus of growth- A tradition of excellence and innovation

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  • Published 12.03.07

It is a 42-year-old academic institution, but Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society College has always changed with time to keep its students ahead in the job market.

Maintaining “the tradition of excellence and innovation”, the college is drawing up plans to expand its basket of offerings to students.

From setting up a business school and offering masters in business management (MBA) to introducing a full-time three-year bachelor’s course in mass communication — expansion is the buzzword at this affiliate of Calcutta University.

“One of the targets of the college is to produce responsible corporate citizens. We offer high-standard facilities to our students, which enable them to develop their skills in both curricular and co-curricular activities to make them suitable for the job market,” said Mangaldas Sanghavi, president of Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society.

The college — run by the Gujarati community but open to students of all castes and religions — on Elgin Road, in south Calcutta — is looking for space near the city to set up another campus. It plans to use the second campus to launch some of the new courses.

“We must have the latest technology to equip our students with the relevant skills needed in the corporate sector. So, we need more space and a new campus, ” said Sanghavi, adding that the search has already started in areas like Rajarhat and off Kona Expressway, in Howrah.

In principle, the authorities are ready with the second campus plan, but it will be given the final shape once the plot is selected.

The college has 7,500 students in standard academic programmes and a slew of certificate programmes in fashion designing, computer technology, interior designing and anchoring for television and radio (see box).

“Over the past few decades, the college has established an identity of its own. We have achieved this target by giving full support to our students for development of their artistic talents… There is hardly a garment boutique in town where our students are not working as designers,” said society secretary Heena Gorsia.

The institution’s ability to strike a balance between academic and cultural activities — Bollywood star Bipasha Basu was a student of this college — is attracting students from other states and the institution is flooded with applications seeking admissions.

“Not just new courses, the expansion will give us the opportunity to accommodate more students,” said Gorsia.

The actress was a student of commerce at Bhawanipur College, graduating in 1998.

On expansion: “Expansion is definitely good. During our times, it used to be a small campus... Perhaps, now the classes will be bigger and have a library. The fashion designing unit used to be small, and could use more space as well.”

Her college experience: “I was working at that time and college went by fast. But it was a nice crowd and a nice place to be in.”

The singer from the band Span studied commerce, graduating in 1996

On expansion: “I’m glad they are expanding. The space used to be a bit claustrophobic. The campus will definitely be a more happening space, the spirit of Bhaggu will continue.”

His college experience: “College was fun. I will miss the canteen. I hope the new canteen will be fun, too!”