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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 15.04.05

The food-loving Bengali doesn?t need any excuse to go the whole hog but Poila Baisakh is still a good one. Here?s the Goodlife guide to a long-winding menu that will power your New Year and many more days thereafter. So, happy hogging...

Tangerine on outram street

Food faves: Lunch buffet including a chaat counter, a main course section with delicacies like Mutton Vindaloo, Roast Chicken Chilli Crab for non-vegetarians and Chholar Dal Narkel Diye, Beguni and Paneer Chilli for veggies. Baked Yoghurt, Rasogolla, Mango Souffle and Caramel Custard complete the meal

Hot pick: Glen Drummond single malt whiskey at the happy hour rate, a complementary pint of Kingfisher beer or a glass of Sula wine

Pocket pinch: Rs 300

Oh! calcutta at forum

Food faves: An all-new a-la-carte menu comprising Bhetki Kakrar Roll, Vegetable Chop, Lau Shorshe Posto, Enchor Korma, Matar Paneer, Potoler Malai Curry, Chingri Malai Moilu, Chitol Machher Muitha, Murgir Armani Curry, Aamer Chutney, Payesh, Rasogolla, Mishti Doi and more

Hot pick: Live music

Pocket pinch: Rs 350

aaheli at peerless inn

Food faves: Daab Chingri, Bhapa Ilish and Bhetki Paturi are among the usual names, while Bhapa Chhanar Utshob and Dal Raibahadur are some of the more exotic inclusions

Hot pick: Strains of Rabindrasangeet in the background

Pocket pinch: Rs 450 and Rs 400 for a non-vegetarian and vegetarian thali respectively

kalash at hhi

Food faves: The Babumoshayer Mahabhoj here consists of Mochar Chop, Potoler Dolma, Chholar Dal, Basanti Pulao and Radhaballabhi. The non-vegetarian section boasts delicacies like Chingrir Chop, Kochi Panthar Jhol and Murgir Malai Curry. Aamer Mishti Doi and the Rasamalai complete the experience

Pocket pinch: Rs 275 to Rs 375

the kenilworth

Food faves: The Banglar Ekal Shekal fest with food, festivity and music tries to strike a balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Aam Kasundi, Tangra Machher Posto, Hanser Dimer Devil, Laal Saag Bori Diye and Kamala Bhog are the few unusual names that stand out

Hot pick: Lokgiti, jibonmukhi and adhunik songs playing in the background

Pocket pinch: Rs 450 per plate

itc sonar bangla

Food faves: Special non-vegetarian thalis at Dum Pukht will include Topshe Machh Bhaja, Kochi Panthar Jhol, Chingri Malai Curry, Bhetki Machh Shorshe Bhapa and more, while its vegetarian counterpart includes Beguni, Mishti Lauer Ghonto, Chhanar Dalna, and more.

At The Eden Pavilion cool off with tender coconut water, Aam Pora Sharbat and carry on with Kosha Mangsho, Murgir Jhol, Shorshe Machh, Chingri Malai Kari and more served with Ghee Bhat and Luchi. Cap off with Patishapta, Rasamalai, Langcha and Nobanno Bhater Payesh

Pocket pinch: Rs 600 and Rs 550 for non-vegetarian and vegetarian thalis respectively at Dum Pukht and Rs 700 per head at The Eden Pavilion

sonargaon at taj bengal

Food faves: Vegetarian dishes like Aloo Cheese Chop, Kakrol Bhaja, Kochu Shak Chorchori and non-vegetarian options like Kakrol Bhaji, Chingri Dopiyaza, Anarosh Ilish, Murgi Bhuna, Shorshe Mangsho and a kebab platter. Sweet dishes like Gur Payesh, Zarda Shemai complete the meal

Hot pick: Cooling off with sugarcane juice

Pocket pinch: Rs 525 and Rs 445 for non-vegetarian and vegetarian thalis respectively

saffron at the park

Food faves: Aam Pora Sharbat, Aloo Kabli, Chana Matar Sprout Chaat, Phuchkas and Topse Orly are some of the refreshingly different names here. Chocolate Rasogolla, Fresh Mango Pudding, Mihi Dana Sita Bhog Tart and Kiwi Rabri are some of the fusion fare to complete the meal with

Pocket pinch: Rs 375

hyatt regency

Food faves: Buffet and a-la-carte lunch and dinner comprising Shorshe Ilish, Chingrir Malaikari, Kosha Mangsho and more

Pocket pinch: Rs 625 to Rs 725, depending on the wine option

kookie jar

Food faves: Kosha Mangsher Puff, Chingrir Pattie, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Mango Flan

Pocket pinch: Rs 20 to Rs 45.