Letters 15-05-2012

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  • Published 15.05.12
Cradle of all-rounders

The report “Top marks for cradle of all-rounders”, May 9, reminded me of the time my daughter was in Class XII at La Martiniere for Girls. She was one of those Martinians who were merrily participating in inter-school and intra-school activities such as debates, elocution, drama among other things even when the board exams were just a few months away.

When I complained to the principal, I was told: “Why give so much importance to a board exam? Must all other activities be suspended because of it? In future, she may have to face many more difficult situations and they are not likely to come one by one. She must learn to tackle everything, board exam included, all at once. We, at La Martiniere, try to prepare our students to take on difficulties and face life with confidence and capability.”

My daughter benefited immensely from what the principal said that day. So did I.

R. Chatterjee

Crime on Bypass

lThe report on the midnight harassment and assault of a couple by bike-borne rowdies on the Bypass is alarming ((Im)moral policing on Bypass, May 10). Such incidents must be dealt with strictly and the culprits punished immediately.

Crime on the Bypass can be checked only by increasing regular police patrol. Road barricades and police presence on this road will force fleeing culprits to slow down.

It is time our policing system changed.

Benu Kumar Bose,

Salt Lake

lCalcutta, once considered one of the safest cities in the country, is fast turning into a city of robbers and rowdies. The recent harassment of a woman on the EM Bypass is yet another eye-opener for the citizens. The only way out seems to be an increase in the deployment of police personnel at night and stern action against wrongdoers.

Shikha Pathak

KKR rules

I am a big fan of KKR and I am sure KKR will win the IPL this time. This is the first time the team seems to be confident, having won six consecutive matches and making it to the top of the table. The most important thing I noticed in the team is the mental strength of the players to perform under pressure. The team will definitely not miss the opportunity this time.

Kiran Agarwal,

Dum Dum

lI think KKR has the full potential to win the IPL. With an excellent captain in the lead, the team is playing fantastically. And how can we forget the charming King Khan? We are proud that the team belongs to us.

Humaira Ayaz

lThis year KKR has turned out to be the best team. I am a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and believe that his team will lift the cup.

Ayan Sarkar,


Good Samaritan

A friend of mine dropped me near the Park Circus five-point crossing around noon recently with the hope that I would get a taxi from there to my Loudon Street home. To my dismay, all taxi drivers passing by the area refused to take me that short distance.

I kept walking in the scorching sun and finally a middle-aged taxi driver agreed to take me home.

After a couple of minutes, the door bell rang. The caretaker of our apartment was standing at the door with my purse that contained Rs1,910. I had left the purse while paying the taxi fare. The driver returned it and left. I did not get a chance to thank him.

Geeta Bhatia,

Loudon Street

Poor law-and-order

When an auto driver asks why he should switch to LPG when cops do not take any action (Brakes on switch, not smoke, May 10), it reveals the pathetic condition of the law-and-order situation in our state. The police are told to go slow on auto drivers as politicians are afraid of unions. When cops go slow, the auto drivers flout rules.


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