Fun and fitness fusion

Cool combo Right routine Music mania

By Chillates, a brand new form of exercise, combines the benefits of pilates, yoga and dance. Shradha Agarwal finds out more
  • Published 16.03.06
A Chillates session in progress at Calorie Burn Centre. Pictures by Pabitra Das

The world of fitness, like that of diets, is forever on the move. New theories, newer rejections, followed by lots of buzz and more hype.

The latest on the exercise agenda is a brand new form called Chillates ? a cool combination of pilates, yoga and dance.

GoodLife gives you a glimpse of this latest fitness trend.

Cool combo

Chillates, an all-new international concept from the Ministry of Sound, boasts the benefits of pilates, yoga and dance.

While pilates goes a long way in strengthening your body’s core muscles, the meditative effects of yoga and therapeutic positives of dance make the regime more complete.

Says fitness expert Indira Ankelseria, who runs fitness stop Calorie Burn Centre at 24, Ray Street: “All the elements in Chillates together bring you the best of both worlds ? the calorie-burning of intensive cardio and amazing effects of pilates-based toning. Add to that a dash of fun dancing and tranquillity of yoga, and we have a clear winner.”

Fitness enthusiast and Stylefile partner Sumedha Saraogi is a Chillates fan. “It works well for me, providing the fitness of pilates and the calm of yoga,” she smiles.

Pilates, now widely accepted as a popular exercise form, concentrates on strengthening the body’s core muscles while firming up the abdomen, gluts and thighs.

Dance fitness instructor Kavita Banerjee from Calorie Burn Centre is all for the diverse benefits of dance as an exercise element. “Incorporating dance moves goes a long way in increasing flexibility and balance. Not only is it very energising, dance also brings a certain sense of rhythm to your body. The result is a sculpted body and, of course, a rush of endorphins, our favourite feel-good hormones,” says Kavita.

Fitness expert Preetom Mukherjee-Roy believes that Chillates could be the perfect answer to today’s on-the-move fitness fanatic.

“With everybody running so short of time, this one-hour total routine will fit in well with most lifestyles,” he says.

Right routine

Chillates, a one-hour package, was originally choreographed by international choreographer Litza Bixler. The routine comprises various sections, specially put together to make a complete workout routine. “Each of the segments complements the other beautifully, going a long way in yielding much-wanted, effective results,” says Indira.

A typical session of Chillates combines the following parts:

• A Wake-Up section that warms up the body.

• Salute and Strengthen that works to tone and strengthen the larger muscles of the lower body.

• Core Strength and Flex that acts on the smaller muscles of both the upper and lower body, with special focus on the abdomen.

• Standing Yoga and Dance, a great toner for the body, mind and soul.

• A finale in the form of a 10-minute Meditation section.

“The impact of this combination is safe yet effective. The aerobic part increases your heart rate while the mat exercises on the floor tighten and tone your favourite body parts,” explains Indira.

Music mania

The beats can make or break your workout regime, feels Preetom. “It is an extremely important element of your workout. While cardio activity is synchronised with the number of beats per minute, non-technically too, music goes a long way to get you going.”

While there is absolutely no denial of the power of music as a constant source of energy, Preetom is also of the opinion that music can push you to work out for those “extra 20 minutes”.

“Not only that, if you like the music in the background, it could do a good job of distracting you from the pain of the workout,” he smiles.

Chillates is set to “exclusive music tracks featuring chill-out mixes”. Some of the artistes who have contributed to this compilation are Bent, Deepest Blue, Jakatta and Lost Witness.