Disorderly conduct nets 113 on Day 1

Party street sees no arrest on New Year

By Our Bureau in Calcutta
  • Published 3.01.18
Cops on Park Street on Sunday

Calcutta: Police arrested 113 people in the city on the first day of the new year for disorderly conduct but not one was picked up from Park Street.

The heavy police deployment on the city's party street probably acted as a deterrent to unruly behaviour when people had landed there on Monday to soak in the festive spirit, the police said.

Cops were present from evening till 1am, manning every major crossings.

Disorderly conduct in police parlance includes teasing, molestation, drunken brawls and unruly behaviour in public places.

On Sunday, Park Street, Theatre Road and other south division areas recorded 34 such cases.

Monday saw a significant drop in drink driving and other traffic-related cases like riding without helmets.

Only two people were booked for drink driving on Monday while 93 had been booked on Sunday. Forty-eight bikers were booked for riding without helmets on Monday whereas the number was 344 on Sunday.

At least 76 people were booked for rash and negligent driving on Monday.

The 113 people arrested for disorderly conduct included 37 from north division, two from central division, four from east suburban division, 13 from southeast division, 13 from port division, 40 from south suburban division, and four from southwest division areas.