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‘Dadar police’ for polls: Dilip Ghosh

Ghosh issued the threat to campaign for BJP’s Birbhum Lok Sabha candidate Doodh Kumar Mondal

By Snehamoy Chakraborty in Dubrajpur
  • Published 22.04.19, 1:32 AM
  • Updated 22.04.19, 1:32 AM
  • a min read
Dilip Ghosh (centre) addresses the meeting at Dubrajpur on Sunday. Picture by Himadri Mondal

Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Sunday said “Dadar police” from New Delhi would man polling booths and “we are ready with bamboo sticks” to tackle rigging of the polls.

Ghosh issued the threat while addressing a rally here to campaign for the BJP’s Birbhum Lok Sabha candidate, Doodh Kumar Mondal.

“This is not the panchayat election. This is the parliament election. We will not allow Didir police at booths. Dadar police will come from Delhi to guard the booths and conduct the polls. Tell the villagers that there will be policemen from Delhi at the booths and BJP workers as well.”

A Trinamul leader said Ghosh’s remarks showed that the central forces and the BJP would work together to trigger violence.

“Dilip Ghosh today made it clear that central forces would work as per the direction of the BJP. He also said BJP workers would be with the central forces, which means paramilitary personnel will be hand in glove with the BJP members to trigger violence,” the Trinamul leader said.

The BJP leader also issued a threat for those who wanted to rig the polls.

“Tell those who will come to loot votes this time to apply mustard oil on their back. We are ready with bamboo sticks and if those sticks fall on their back, they will have to be hospitalised. Ask them to book beds in hospitals as they would stay there for six months,” said Ghosh.

He went on: “You watched the first day of the polls in Cooch Behar where our party workers chased the goons. Those goons were found running with their sandals in hand. We assure you that we will not let anyone loot votes in this election. Our workers will resist.”

Anubrata Mondal, the Birbhum district Trinamul president, said: “What he (Ghosh) said at Dubrajpur today was derogatory and his intention is to perpetrate violence in the area. I have asked local Trinamul leaders to lodge a complaint against him with the Election Commission.”


At least five persons have suffered injuries in clashes between suspected Trinamul and BJP supporters in Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar districts since Saturday.

The violence has also prompted a group of BJP supporters to stay away from their homes, who fear attacks by Trinamul.

The clashes broke out after the voting in the Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar seats on April 18.