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Cops reconstruct Jaguar crash

The reconstruction was done late on Thursday to ascertain the sequence of events that led to the accident

  • Published 24.08.19, 3:43 AM
  • Updated 24.08.19, 3:43 AM
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The damaged police kiosk opposite Shakespeare Sarani police station after it was hit by the Mercedes that veered off its path when the Jaguar rammed into it. Two of the three Bangladeshi tourists, who were standing in front of the kiosk, died when the Mercedes hit them with great force. Picture by Bishwarup Dutta

Police have “reconstructed” last Saturday’s Jaguar accident with the youth who was seated beside Raghib Parwez when the car rammed into a Mercedes at the Theatre Road-Loudon Street crossing.

The accident had led to the spot death of two Bangladeshi visitors waiting near a police kiosk.

The reconstruction was done late on Thursday to ascertain the sequence of events that led to the accident.

Cops started from the place where Raghib and the youth had met at a common friend’s birthday party and Raghib had offered to drop him home.

“He (the youth) took the officers through the same route the Jaguar had travelled last Saturday before crashing into the Mercedes,” an officer in Lalbazar said.

The police did not use a Jaguar for the reconstruction.

The youth is expected to record his statement before the magistrate under Section 164 of the CrPC soon. Such a statement has strong evidential value compared to a statement recorded before cops.

Raghib’s friends at the birthday party will be questioned and their statements recorded to ascertain if Raghib had drank at the party, the police said.

“We are trying to collect photographs of the party to check who all were present that day. They will be questioned in connection with the case,” an officer of the detective department’s homicide wing said.

The youth, an MBA in his 20s, runs his own business. He could become a witness in the case — the primary reason why this newspaper has not divulged his name.

He has told the police Raghib offered to drop him home and that he had accepted the offer.

He has said that Raghib received a call from a friend asking him to meet him at Kyd Street.

“The Jaguar made a detour to Kyd Street but when the youth told Raghib he wanted to go home, Raghib agreed to drop him first,” the officer said. “It was then that the car crashed into the Mercedes.”

7 held with drugs

Seven men were arrested on Friday with drugs.

In Calcutta, four men in a car were arrested with around 200,000 methamphetamine (Yaba) tablets, a banned drug, near the Maidan.

Three men headed to the city from Murshidabad were arrested on charges of possessing and trading in banned synthetic drugs by officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

They were arrested between Jangipur and Omarpur in Murshidabad.