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Clerk fulfils dream through coaching

Municipal employee takes tuition to achieve ambition of becoming a teacher

By Alamgir Hossain in Behrampore
  • Published 1.01.20, 1:09 AM
  • Updated 1.01.20, 3:01 AM
  • a min read
Farukh Hossain Khan in his classroom Telegraph Picture

A clerk at the Behrampore municipality had always aspired to become a teacher, but he seeks to fulfil the dream by taking coaching for youngsters who prepare for the School Service Commission exam. Farukh Hossain Khan, 57, is a clerk in the public works department of the civic body. The Khagra resident had graduated from Calcutta University in biosciences in 1982 and joined the municipality in 1986.

But the civic service was not Khan’s ambition.

“My dream was always to become a school teacher,” he said.

Starting in 1986, Khan appeared for interviews at several schools in Murshidabad district to become a teacher.

He still vividly recalls a particular episode then.

“It was at the Beldanga High School and I had cleared everything, including the demo session in which students and teachers loved me. But the school never got back to me.

Later, a source said people didn’t want someone with my name to teach their children,” Khan added.

Today, Khan is a household name among students in Murshidabad. He teaches out of a room at his family home and is reportedly responsible for filling over 180 SSC vacancies this year.

“Sir had 230 SSC students this year. Those who are not yet appointed are still on the panel. That means his success rate is more than 90 per cent,” said a student who added that their regard for ‘Sir’ went far beyond metrics.

“He has ensured livelihood for many underprivileged youths in the town,” said 26-year-old Manarul Sheikh, a resident of Murshidabad who was appointed as an assistant teacher at Ranitala High School six months ago.

“I always wanted to be a teacher, but my family was penniless. Sir just took me in and asked me to attend his classes without worrying about anything,” said Sheikh.

“My entire first salary went to Sir. Only my second and third paycheques were given to my parents.”

Students said Khan’s tuitions for honours courses as well as the SSC examinations were the first pick for any candidate in Behrampore or Murshidabad.

“At least 50 per cent of all successful candidates in Murshidabad in the past decade are linked to Sir in some way,” said a teacher in Behrampore.

Although Khan never bares the story of his unfulfilled dream before the students, their own successes, he says, “are more than enough for me”.