Bolly and biz power glittering gala

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 22.11.04
(Top to bottom): Newly-weds Vanisha and Amit just after arriving at their wedding reception in Alipore; Shilpa Shetty and Raageshwari regale the exclusive gathering; opulent welcome with imported flowers at the entrance of the Mittal house. Pictures by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya and Naren Goswami

Six months after the grandest of summer weddings, it was time for the city to sparkle in the Mittal mega marriage afterglow. Goodlife brings you glimpses of the Saturday night fever as it unfolded?

The Setting: The biggest post-wedding bash Calcutta has seen in recent times. Although only 250 special people were invited to 24 Alipore Road on Saturday, the Bollywood-style dhamaka and lavish food spread managed to outshine even bride Vanisha?s diamonds. Most of Calcutta?s old business families ? the Nopanys, the Poddars, the Jhawars ? were there in full force along with the Das Munshis, the Khaitans, the Dalmiyas and the Lodhas. Those who were left out blamed it either on ?poor courier service? or ?the unfortunate slip between intent and invite? from the family that houses the richest Indian.

The Show: Around 9 in the night, veejay-turned-singer Raageshwari took the stage looking resplendent in a red-and-white dress. She invited the singers of the evening, Kumar Sanu and Shreya Ghoshal, to get the music flowing. The two, singing together for the first time, started off with an old favourite, Meri soni meri tamanna. Shreya then moved forward in time to Devdas and Jism. But Kishore-Asha duets were also played back.

After the sounds, the sight (and what a sight!). Shilpa Shetty managed to squeeze in four to five numbers in the short 15-minute stint on stage. The Aila re girl was invited to sing along too, to which Miss Shilpa acted coy: ?I?m really bad at it. It?s better I swing.? The guests didn?t seem to mind.

The Speech: Nostalgia was the mood of the hour when everyone from grandfather Mohan Lal Mittal to uncles Vinod and Pramod Mittal to father of the bride Lakshmi Mittal took the stage and blessed Vanisha and Amit. And the city starred in every speech. ?This is the city. Nothing?s complete without being in Calcutta. I still remember every moment of son Aditya?s marriage here,? said Lakshmi Mittal. Saturday was also the birthday of Aditya?s wife Megha. ?It?s great to be back in Calcutta. I?m so happy with dadaji (Mohan Lal Mittal) hosting this party,? gushed Vanisha.

The Spread: The food factory, restricted to just finger food and wine, shifted into top gear once the show ended at around 11 pm. The sit-down dinner was elaborate, to say the least. Making the menu range ? Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai ? special were the celebrity chefs.

The Hangover: Those who were there just couldn?t stop talking about it on Sunday. Those who weren?t could only gape and gripe.