Best face forward at Dover Lane

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 30.09.04

You never fail to notice when your neighbour?s wife has had a haircut, so why can?t you take note when your wife has one or when she wears a new sari??

The bouncer from Rupa Ganguly was aimed at the backbenchers, the large number of men who had chaperoned their wives to The Good Life Talk Show at the RBI quarters on Dover Lane last Sunday.

?Make it a point to appreciate your wife, her beauty. A little gesture makes a lot of difference to her. That?s the best way to look good and feel good,? announced the star guest of the evening, as the women in audience dissolved in giggles of appreciation.

To start at the end, the 200-strong crowd, all residents of the quarters, wrapped up the lively late evening chat on a melodious note, coaxing the actress to sing a few lines. Having just released a Rabindrasangeet album, the actress chose the popular Parinda love song Tumse Milke? for the cosmopolitan forum.

This came after an hour-long Q&A on beauty and health tips ? from hair care to skin treatment, the art of make-up to the secret of a vibrant personality.

?How do you maintain a pleasant appearance despite a hectic schedule?? asked Sujata Das to the lady glowing in an embroidered skirt and kurti. ?Efficient time management. I club a lot of household chores, like washing and cleaning up, and execute them together. That saves a lot of time. To get rid of the tired look, I try to catch a nap in between work,? the actress-turned-singer revealed.

Some tips on where to wear what was Reba Sinha?s request. ?Choose your outfit according to the occasion. Also, try and understand your skin tone and know what suits you. I think light blue brightens up our personality during monsoon,? suggested Rupa.

For the schoolgirl eager to know a remedy for oily skin, Rupa warned against early visits to beauty parlours. So, here?s a home recipe: make a paste of masoor dal with milk or curd and apply it to your face. But wash it off before it dries for that affects your skin. ?And never use powder puff all over your face. The little oil that oozes out makes your skin glow. Besides, dry skin ages fast,? she cautioned.

With winter not too far away, night creams will soon become a must on most dressing tables. A vital tip on how to go about this essential exercise: apply the cream with upward strokes very gently, so that it doubles as massaging and rejuvenates your skin. If you need to apply it during the day, do so quite some time before you venture out. Or else the skin catches dirt and becomes even more grimy.

To get rid of dandruff, Rupa harped on the merits of castor and olive oil. Warm some castor oil, add a dash of lime juice, dip a cotton ball in it and dab it on your scalp. The next day, wash off your hair.

And the key to strike the right balance between inner and external beauty? Have a healthy diet, be conscious of your strengths, enhance the best features of your face and forget about what you can?t fight.

So, get set for the Pujas, but at the end of it all do what comes naturally.