A paradigm shift - Tune in to a studio of Novel note

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 5.06.05

The aim: to provide a comfortable and well-equipped studio space in Calcutta. The tools: high-end audio and video equipment. The promise: providing young talent with the opportunity to train in aspects of music creation with one of the most popular audio software around.

That?s the plot for Paradigm, the latest studio to be set up in the city (pictures by Pabitra Das). ?We do not have a good studio in Calcutta that provides both good ambience and cutting-edge equipment for smooth and speedy work,? says Meenakshii, director of Paradigm. The 2,000 sq ft work space on Hazra Road will try to offer both.

The studio sports latest music-making software from the US-based M-audio, a leading provider of creative tools for computer-centric musicians and audio professionals. M-audio is part of Avid Inc, the world leader in digital media creation tools and the parent company for global audio standards like the Pro Tools software. Paradigm also claims to be the first studio in India to be authorised by M-audio to conduct a certified training programme in music creation.

?The studio will be a one-stop shop for anything creative,? offers Meenakshii, a video editor who shuttles between Bangalore and Calcutta. ?I used to see a lot of people from Bangladesh take their audio and video editing projects to Bangalore and Mumbai. They complained that though Calcutta was geographically closer, the delay and lack of proper equipment acted as deterrents.?

The studio is looking to capture this Bangladesh market. Bands from Calcutta and the Northeastern states are to constitute the bulk of the audio clientele, while the flourishing local television industry is likely to contribute to the video section.

?Besides the equipment, comfort is a key factor for us since several hours are spent at a stretch inside a studio,? says Meenakshii. And though investments have been made to the tune of around Rs 25 lakh, pricing would be lower than others, she promises, particularly keeping in mind the younger generation which does not get to showcase its talents due to high costs. Despite the low pricing, the company is looking at breaking even within a year.

The 21-day training course starts this month and will teach music creation. ?We are getting industry veterans from different parts of the country as well as those recommended by M-audio.? Conducted in batches of five, the course will cost around Rs 5,000 and the participant will receive a certificate at the end of it.

Subhajit Banerjee