Multilingual festival for movie aficionados - Seven-day international film fest from February 5, filmmaker Jahnu Baruah to be honoured

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 3.02.12

Feb. 2: The seven-day 4th Cine ASA (Art Society Assam) Guwahati International Film Festival, in collaboration with the Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation, will commence on February 5 and the movies will be screened at Rabindra Bhawan, IIT Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia and Gauhati University.

Bengali film director Rituparno Ghosh’s critically acclaimed movie Noukadubi will be screened on the opening day.

The films will be categorised as NRI Endeavour, Retrospective, World Prism and Indian Mosaic.

Under the NRI Endeavour category, Cooking with Stella by Dilip Mehta and Goodbye My Friend by Kalpana Singh will be screened.

Two movies by Mexican director Alejandro Gonjalez Inarritu — Amores Perros and Babel will be screened in the Retrospective category.

“We have chosen to screen his movies as he is an acclaimed Mexican director. Babel was screened at some of the most prestigious film festivals like the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and Zagreb Film Festival. Hence, the selection committee has decided to go for the two movies under the Retrospective section,” said festival director Bitopan Borborah.

The World Prism section has a host of movies from different countries such as The Perfect Day and The White Space in Italian, Themba and More Than Just a Game in African, The Dreamers in French, My Father & My Son in Turk, Fiesta Patria in Spanish, Upper Dog in Norwegian, Good Bye Lenin in German, Three Times and Yang-Yang in Mandarin (Chinese). Besides, Israeli movies Invisible and Gei Oni and Arabic movie A Separation will also be screened. A plethora of Swiss movies will be screened like Vitus, Home, My Brother is Getting Married, Rascals on the Road.

The festival will honour Jahnu Baruah during the film festival. Baruah has made acclaimed movies like Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara, Halodhi Choraye Baodhan Khai, Xagorale Bohu Door among others.

“We will screen his movie Firingoti, which in a way, is paying respect to the director for completing 30 years in filmmaking,” Borborah said.

The international film festival will also be jazzed up with movies like Bubble Gum and Shuttlecock Boys in Hindi, Malayali film Adaminte Makan Abu. The festival will culminate with Bengali movie Meherjaan.

The movies have been sourced from embassies and the Federation of Film Society of India. The budget of the festival is estimated at Rs 10 lakh.

“Last year, we registered around 8,000 viewers at Rabindra Bhawan. This year, too, we are expecting a good turnout of viewers,” Borborah said.