From Axomor jiyori to Bengali bowari

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  • Published 22.11.11

Nov. 21: The actress from Assam has taken her aura to Shillong. Nishita Goswami got married Sayan Chakravarty today.

A computer engineer from Shillong, Sayan had known Nishita since the past nine years. “We are family friends and have known each other for a long time,” Sayan said, smiling.

It was Sayan’s gentle, sweet and calm nature that attracted Nishita. “I have heard or read that opposites attract, but experienced it only after getting to know Sayan. He is a composed and gentle person and it is this nature that attracted me to him,” Nishita said.

Was it love at first sight for the actress? “Not exactly. It is more of an arranged-cum-love marriage. We were friends first but when our parents started talking about marriage a few months back, it was then that love started to bloom,” she said. It was the love for her to-be-hubby that made the actress wear heels. She adds with a giggle, “I am 5 feet 2 inches and Sayan is over 6 feet. I can’t help but wear heels to stand up to him.”

Sayan, when asked the same question, replied after a pause, “We have been friends for a long time. We have been very fond of each other, so when our parents started asking each other about marriage, love was the best thing to have happened then.”

It is Nishita’s colourful personality that attracted Sayan to her. “She is a very lively person and full of energy. I loved her effervescent nature,” Sayan said.

From being an Axomor jiyori to a Bengali bowari, the actress is excited about her new role. She can talk in Bengali quite comfortably and is looking forward to learn to cook Bengali dishes from her mother-in-law. “My mother-in-law is a great cook and I am eager to learn Bengali cuisine from her. I love to work in the kitchen but my culinary skills are restricted to Assamese cuisine and a few others,” smiled Nishita.

“My in-laws are a well-known Bengali family in Shillong. It was in their ancestral home, Jit Bhumi, where Rabindranath Tagore had stayed during his visit to Shillong and it is said that he had penned Rakta Karabi during his stay there,” she said.

Her husband is a St Edmund’s alumnus and had completed his engineering from a college in Pune. “I have worked in a few companies before coming back to Shillong and joining the family business,” Sayan said.

The actress will be shifting her base to Shillong but that does not mean an end to her career. “I will continue my work in Guwahati and Calcutta. My in-laws are understanding and flexible. They support me a lot,” Nishita said.

The day for Nishita began with the rituals that mark juroon. Dressed in a white pator mekhela sador with intricate guna work, Nishita personified an Axomiya koina. The morning started with juroon and the night saw her married according to Vedic rituals.