Woof! Please paws in this park - Capital greens spring to life with canine antics, invite steady flow of visitors young and old

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  • Published 24.02.14

Kitty can dance; Golu can vault; and Bela and Chameli are just days from their handshake degree. Meet the adorable top dogs who’ve turned a Ranchi green lung into a big draw.

Until a few days ago, the manicured Sri Krishna Singh Park in Doranda engrossed visitors with its brilliant array of exotic blooms sprawling across four acres. Now, the two Pomeranians — aged six and nine — are the cynosure of all eyes.

Their German Shepherd juniors will soon join the canine caper, says owner Satish Kumar, whose firm Kuber Infrastructure maintains the park following a contract with RMC.

As soon as the park is thrown open at 7am, Kitty and Golu go wagging at visitors. They shake hands with adults and play ball with children. And when the 20-odd varieties of flowers, including petunia, pansy, daisy, carnation, verbena, dahlia and daffodil, brought from Bangalore and Calcutta fail to charm some sulking tot, the Pomeranian twosome do the tango to make her giggle. The antics continue till 7pm, when the park is closed for the day.

Kumar’s German Shepherds Bela and Chameli are only months old, and are being trained to be sociable. Once they learn to sit, roll, chase and shake hands, the puppies will join Kitty and Golu. The four will indeed make a great team because people are already enjoying the canine company at the park.

“The dogs are so well-trained. I went near Golu the other day and he extended his paw in greetings. We shook hands and then he went off to play ball with other visitors. These dogs are the park’s USP. No other public park feels so hospitable,” said Doranda College student Rohit Sharma.

Philosophy pupil of Yogada College Mahi Sinha agreed. “They are not just cute and cuddly, but extremely well-mannered. Every time I call them by their name, they leap to greet me. It feels so special and awesome!” she said.

Retired government employee Mohan Sinha said the trained Pomeranians underscored that dogs were still man’s best friend. “There is no bond like the bond between a man and his pet, especially if it is a canine. Though I am not their (Kitty and Golu’s) master, I have developed a close bond with them and keep coming here to see them, play with them.”

Dog owner Kumar said that after the RMC handed him over the charge of maintaining the park last year, he decided to add some extra appeal despite having renovated the greens for more than a crore.

“Every park has flowers, trees and joyrides. Not many offer canine cordiality. Dogs offer heart-warming friendship. So, I decided to train my pets to greet visitors. After six months of classes, I brought them here. As expected, the response has been great,” he added.