V-Day: Ire & support

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  • Published 15.02.14

There is always an uncle/aunt in the family who understands and supports your love. But, a love story is never complete without a villain.

Playing these roles to a T, while supporters of Akhil Bharatiya Sonia Gandhi Prachar Dal stepped in as the understanding uncle/aunt on Valentine’s Day, members of Rashtriya Manav Jan Kalyan Sena and Shiv Sena went around the city to make couples understand “Indian culture and customs”.

These men drove away couples from jaunts like Jubilee Park on Friday, while dal members distributed laddoos and flowers among lovebirds.

“There is nothing wrong with being in love. The protesters must understand,” said dal spokesperson Kishan Khanna.

However, the protesters in their defence said they were not against love, but PDA.

“We are protesting peacefully only to promote our tradition,” said Sunil Kumar Pandey, member of Rashtriya Manav Jan Kalyan Sena.

He and others, however, were seen tearing V-Day cards and setting gift items on fire.

If one part of the steel city saw high-voltage drama, a school in another part gave a new meaning to V-Day.

CP Samity Middle School in Golmuri organised a function where students gifted flowers to their parents. The aim was to propagate the message of ‘love your parents’.

Run by members of Chhattisgarhi community, school management committee member Dinesh Sahu said: “We wanted to teach the children to treat their parents like gods.”