Trill or tweet, but reach out to voters - From audio CDs to social media, MP hopefuls are jammin' to make themselves heard

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  • Published 25.03.14

It’s time for singer-lyricist Zafar Ali and music entrepreneur Chintu to get into serious brainstorming mode. After all, their client JVM is in the mood to hear winning numbers.

Come elections, inspired (read plagiarised) Bollywood numbers are the flavour of the season.

Anjali Audio Recording Studio, Garabasa in Jamshedpur’s Golmuri, is penning lyrics for the JVM and its Lok Sabha candidate, sitting MP Ajoy Kumar. It’s a job that must combine catchy and relevant lyrics with the party’s ideology, which moreover can be set to popular tunes — say a Lungi dance or Badtameez dil.

“The JVM asked us for new songs and we are working on lyrics. In fact, we are planning an audio CD with a speech of the candidate (Kumar) and songs in between,” Chintu said.

Though he doesn’t want to give away details of this year’s Lok Sabha specials, he adds the basics are the same.

“Catchy and familiar songs that people relate to and lyrics that make sense. Last time, there were songs like Dekha jo tujhe yaar, dil mein baji guitar from the film Apna Sapna Money Money. We paraphrased lyrics into Mahangai ki hai maar, uspe yeh bhrashtachaar,” Chintu beams. “I think it’s rather good,” he concludes.

He added they were open to all parties. “We are in talks with the BJP. Others will also come, hopefully,” he says.

Like a client briefing to an ad agency, party functionaries give Chintu their requirements. “They tell us what exactly they want and for which target audience. In tribal villages, there’ll be Santhali, Jhumur or Chhota Nagpuri songs. In urban centres, Bollywood is the way to go. People need to grasp the ideology and agenda of the election, party and candidate,” says the seasoned pro.

BJP spokesperson Anil Modi said they would get CDs with the BJP ideology from Delhi as well. “We will decide later whether we would play CDs from Delhi or local ones.”

CDs apart, social networking is big this election. In 2009, politicians didn’t use Facebook and Twitter all that much.

But now, you have sitting Jamshedpur MP Ajoy Kumar @drajoykumar on Twitter, who introduces himself as “Believe in honest politics in today’s world. Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha).” Besides his healthcare, development and community updates, one of his recently tweeted photographs show him strumming a guitar.

And yes, his FB account, DrAjoyKumarIPS, has crossed “10,000 likes”, for which he has thanked his followers.

BJP candidate Bidyut Baran Mahto will also get an FB account. “He wasn’t on Facebook so we decided we should make a page for him. Bidyut ji’s Facebook page will be uploaded by tomorrow (Tuesday) and we will also take care of Twitter and YouTube accounts,” said BJP spokesperson Modi.

When elections come nearer, video studios making “shorts” on candidates will be beamed on local news channels.

As far as hoardings go, right now it’s lotus and NaMo all the way. The multi-party hoardings war will start by this week or next.

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