Techies rebuff slur, tuition tension mounts

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  • Published 7.06.07

Patna, June 7: I-Desire, a non-profit group of former and present IIT students, cannot take unwarranted allegations of “buying off” three students from Ramanujam School of Mathematics’ Super 30 batch.

I-Desire said it did introduce three Super 30 students as their students to chief minister on June 2, prompting Anand Kumar and Abhyanand to close down Super 30, that sent 122 students to IIT in past five years.

Sushil, an IIT graduate now working with Teng Associates, a consultancy firm at Chicaga, told The Telegraph: “Thousands of miles away, I feel deeply hurt at the allegation that I-Desire is an education mafia.”

He said mathematician Anand Kumar should know that an IIT aspirant taps various sources to success. “Three of their successful students had sought the guidance from present and former IITians. The sky should not fall because we shared credit,” said Sushil.

I-Desire, now reachable at, is the brainchild of Sushil and Saurabh, 2002 batch of IIT students from Bihar. The group has 300 student members (all IIT pass outs) and each is entrusted to guide five students.

Sushil said he was happy over the Bihar government’s decision to frame a coaching policy to ensure transparency among all centres. “We will be selecting more IIT aspirants for guidance. Next year, we will also hold workshops across main Bihar district towns to tap talents,” said Sushil adding that Super 30 students would be asked to stay away from them.

This year the group of 300 IITians guided 16 students to crack IIT-JEE.

The group had selected 35 students. Though over 100 students have made it to IIT with help of IITians from Bihar since 2002, there is no written record available with I-Desire.

I-Desire coordinator Girijesh Jha, an IIT Kanpur student, now at Patna for his summer vacation added, “Twenty to 25 IITians from Bihar come back to their homes at Patna and take time out to hold a workshop to counsel, guide and prepare aspirants for IIT-JEE entrance.”

This year, too, a four-day workshop would be held here from June 8. Over 700 students are likely to attend the counselling sessions with over 40 former and current IIT students.

Ashish Kumar Mishra, a Patna boy and student at IIT-Kharagpur, said the workshop gives IIT aspirants an opportunity to know how to prepare for the examinations and incur least expenses.