Students of ISM show the way

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  • Published 12.02.10

Dhanbad, Feb. 11: It’s not what you give, but the thought that matters. And 65 MBA students of ISM displayed their generous side when amidst an alumni meet of fun and nostalgia, they devised a way to give back.

At Basand 2010 last Sunday, these students set up a stall to sell stationery items and donated the proceeds (less the expenses) to the prime minister’s relief fund. Rs 1001 may have been drop in the ocean, but every drop counts.

Abhinav Kumar Srivastava, an MBA (HR & marketing) final year student, said various items of stationery like pens, pencils and registers, embossed with catchy slogans thought of by first and second year students, were put on sale at the stall.

Another stall with various indoor games for recreation was also put up.

First and second year students of MBA, besides students of MTech (industrial engineering and management) were enthusiastic participants at the alumni meet where many other stalls were put up.

“We wanted to make the point that profits earned must not be wasted in fun. Rather, it can be utilised for serving the nation,” said Srivastava, adding they would donate more next year.

Vivek Pathak, an MBA first year student who was also team leader for the MBA stall, agreed with Srivastava. “Instead of only pursuing our individual careers and seek out fun, we must utilise some of our time and money for the service of the nation,” he said.

Appreciating the students’ initiative, senior teacher Pramod Pathak, who is also president of the ISM Teachers’ Association, agreed this was a good gesture which future students at ISM should follow.