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Smarter train wash for Tatanagar

The renovated washing line can undertake the maintenance of nine 26-coach trains simultaneously

By Pinaki Majumdar in Jamshedpur
  • Published 1.04.19, 12:50 AM
  • Updated 1.04.19, 12:50 AM
  • a min read
The renovated washing line at Tatanagar station on Sunday. Picture by Bhola Prasad

Passengers can look forward to better cleanliness and upkeep on long-distance trains originating from Tatanagar.

Railway authorities on Sunday said the renovated washing line, built at a cost of Rs 20 crore, would ensure proper upkeep of coaches of mail, express and passenger trains.

The project was undertaken by Chakradharpur railway division of South Eastern Railway.

The renovated washing line can undertake the maintenance of nine 26-coach trains simultaneously. Earlier, the washing line could handle just three trains having a maximum of 23 coaches each.

Tatanagar station director H.K. Balmuchu said, “The renovated washing line can handle nine trains (three trains in one pit line) simultaneously. Earlier, the maintenance of several long-distance trains used to suffer as the washing line could accommodate just three trains having 23 coaches and below.”

He said the ambitious project was supposed to get completed in December, but got delayed due to slow pace of work.

The project was executed by the mechanical wing of Chakradharpur division.

According to Balmuchu, the project will also help Tatanagar introduce from trains.

He said each train required six to eight hours for maintenance. “Post-renovation, it will reduce the duration of maintenance by three to four hours. The line will also help in primary maintenance that includes wheels, axle, crankpins, ACs and other other rubber and metallic parts,” he added.