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Shake-up versus status quo

Clash of titans today, will the BJP retain all 4 seats?

By Vijay Deo Jha in Jharkhand
  • Published 6.05.19, 12:06 AM
  • Updated 6.05.19, 12:06 AM
  • 2 mins read
A giant hoarding of Ranchi Congress candidate Subodh Kant Sahay at Karamtoli Chowk in the capital. Picture by Manob Chowdhary

Vote date: Monday, May 6, 2019

Subodh Kant Sahay
Subodh Kant Sahay Telegraph picture


Candidates: (20) and net worth

Subodh Kant Sahay (Cong): Rs 7.35cr

Sanjay Seth (BJP): Rs 1.40cr

Ram Tahal Choudhary (Ind): Rs 4.59cr

Voters: 16.48 lakh (Kurmi, Vaishya, upper caste, SC)

The contest: Seth, Sahay and Ram Tahal are local faces. BJP would like to call it its stronghold, but the angry sitting MP, contesting as an Independent, is likely to split BJP votes and help Sahay who looks to make a comeback

Issues: Poor traffic, erratic power, water crisis, pending food park project, no facilities for vegetable growers

Voterspeak: No government has given so much of importance to cleanliness and to building toilets for the poor like the Modi government. My domestic help wants me to vote for BJP. Akansha Rai (35), homemaker 2014 Polling (%): 60.53

Winner: Ram Tahal (BJP) defeated Sahay (Cong) by 199,303 votes

Vote share (%): BJP 42.74, Cong 13.57,

JVM: 6.45, Ajsu: 13.57

Jayant Sinha
Jayant Sinha Telegraph picture


Candidates: (20) and net worth

Jayant Sinha (BJP): Rs 77.07cr

Gopal Prasad Sahu (Cong): Rs 34.61cr

Bhuneshwar Mehta (CPI): Rs 3.89cr

Voters: 13.38 lakh (Kurmi, Vaishya, Muslim, upper caste)

The contest: Jayant Sinha looks confident, while the others are looking to woo their own communities, Sahu Vaishyas and Mehta Mahtos

Issues: Land acquisition by NTPC for its coal mining project at Pankri Barwadih in Barkagaon, drinking water crisis

Voterspeak: Entire Hazaribagh has been facing drinking water crisis. I will vote for the party that ensures water to the thirsty population. Sunil Singh (36), businessman

2014 Polling (%): 63.69

Winner: Sinha (BJP) defeated Saurabh Narain Sing (Cong) by 159,128 votes

Vote share (%): BJP 42.07, Cong 25.62, Ajsu Party 16.14, CPI 3.13

Arjun Munda
Arjun Munda Telegraph picture


Candidates: (11) and net worth

Arjun Munda (BJP): Rs 9.15cr

Kalicharan Munda (Cong): Rs 51.11 lakh

Voters: 11.99 lakh (Sarna tribals, Christian, OBC, Muslim)

The contest: Arjun Munda is front-runner but he faces an undercurrent of tribal anger that came to fore in two years ago in the form of the self-rule protests (pathalgadhi) in some villages. He has the backing of Karia Munda, who won the seat for the BJP eight times, but was denied a ticket on account of his age. Congress has consolidated its position after winning in the Assembly segment of Kolebira last year.

Issues: Drinking water crisis, poor irrigation, bad roads, poor electricity, illegal opium cultivation, migration, human trafficking, few colleges, left wing extremism

Voterspeak: The land of Birsa Munda is facing all kinds of problems.

There are only two colleges in Khunti district for over 11,000 students. There is no opportunity to pursue post-graduation for which I will have to go to Ranchi or Jamshedpur. I will vote for a candidate who can ensure better educational facilities. Sangita Munda (22), student of Birsa College-Khunti

2014 Polling (%): 66.34

Winner: Karia Munda (BJP) defeated Anosh Ekka (Jharkhand Party) by 92,248

Vote share (%): BJP 36.52, Jharkhand Party: 24, Cong 19.95, Ajsu Party 3.68

Annapurna Devi
Annapurna Devi Telegraph picture


Candidates: (14) and net worth

Annapurna Devi (BJP): Rs9.76cr

Babulal Marandi (JVM): Rs 1.09cr

Rajkumar Yadav (CPI-ML): Rs 1.49cr

Voters: 17.79 lakh (Yadav, Koiri, Muslim and upper caste)

The contest: Koderma is a traditional seat of the BJP. Marandi won the seat twice, but CPI(ML) has also gained ground

Issues: Migration, collapse of mica and stone industries, lack of trauma centre, child labour

Voterspeak: A large number of children in Koderma are forced to work as labourers. I will vote for the party that ensures that not a single child is forced to work. Children must go to school. Shishir Singh (49), lawyer 2014 Polling (%): 62.51

Winner Ravindra Rai (BJP) defeated Rajkumar Yadav (CPI-ML) by 98,654

Vote share (%): Cong 5.88, BJP 35.65, CPI (ML) 26.02, JVM 15.67

A BJP hoarding on Main Road in Ranchi. The Congress hoarding appears on the side.
A BJP hoarding on Main Road in Ranchi. The Congress hoarding appears on the side. Picture by Manob Chowdhary