Seminar for fitness freaks

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  • Published 27.03.08

Ranchi, March 27: There is good news for fitness freaks.

The 120-year-old Ranchi Club situated on the Main Road is busy organising workshops and seminars for the ones who shudder at the thought of putting on those extra kilos.

The month-long fitness training workshop for ladies organised by the activity committee of the club is the latest in the series.

“We have organised this workshop exclusively for women keeping in mind their long standing demand to do something on the fitness front. Gyms are generally the domain of the male folk. Women are often found reluctant to go to gyms owing to their physical vulnerability and coy nature. We thought that summer was the best time to give the fairer sex an opportunity to tone their bodies in a unique manner. The month-long workshop which began today will be organised for four days in a week in the evening,” said K.K. Singh, an alumnus of the Personal Training Institute of California, who has been appointed as the trainer of the workshop.

“Here, at the club, I will impart training through all the internationally recognised exercises. This will consist of pilates — a system of training which makes body parts stronger — and rehabilitation — a system of recovery for injured patients,” he said.

However, apart from all these the main focus of the training will be the Kapap form of exercises. It is a form of self-defence practised by the Israeli special forces, one of the best in the world.

“Here, I will be teaching the trainees how to keep themselves fit and energetic by spending very little time. All my exercises will be free of gym equipment,” he said. The trainer, who is also a reflexology expert, conducts a fitness assessment test before taking the beneficiaries in.