Rinpas operations sullied by middlemen - Employees claim absence of full-time director at mental asylum creating administrative issues

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By RAJ KUMAR in Ranchi
  • Published 30.06.08

Ranchi, June 30: The absence of a full-time director at the Ranchi Institute of Neuro Psychiatry and Allied Sciences (Rinpas) has thrown the reputed institute in complete disarray.

As a result, senior members of the staff alleged, brokers — and not doctors — were playing a major role in patient admissions. They were not being treated properly, while poor patients were being illegally charged.

Associate professor Ashok Kumar Prasad, named acting director by the health department, was finding it difficult to manage the show and admitted he was not getting full cooperation from his staff.

“Some employees at Rinpas feel suffocated ever since I joined about two months ago. Some of the staff are indifferent towards me,” said Prasad, but added he was hopeful the situation would improve soon.

“Everything will be normal after a meeting of the Rinpas managing committee which I will organise soon,” he said.

But the staff at Rinpas weren’t hopeful. They have a litany of complaints, mostly centred around bad management. Officials alleged middlemen bribed Rinpas officials and got patients admitted. These brokers also got fake certificates from the institute, they added.

Another issue dogging the institute related to accommodation. “Thanks to the acting director, official accommodation meant for a Rinpas staffer has been allotted to a private secretary of the health minister,” said an official.

Reacting to the allegations, Prasad said they were the result of false propaganda against him.

But the staff believe the situation would not improve unless Rinpas had a full-time director. “Though advertisements were published twice for the appointment, nothing has been finalised after P.K. Chakraborty retired,” said a Rinpas staff.

Director of RIMS N.N. Aggarwal was named in-charge before Prasad was appointed. But, all argue that instead of making so many appointments, the health ministry could have extended Chakraborty’s tenure till such time a fresh appointment could be made.

Health minister Bhanu Pratap Sahi explained that Chakraborty’s services weren’t extended as he was too old to continue in the post.

“Chakraborty was 65 years and I do not think he is fit for the post at such an age,” Sahi said.

The minister promised that all the problems at Rinpas would end soon. “We will appoint a regular director within a month and all the controversies will come to an end,” he promised.