Payback time for ex-VC

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  • Published 20.12.03

Ranchi, Dec. 20: Ranchi University plans to initiate action against former varsity vice-chancellor K.K. Nag who has been accused of availing of retirement benefits while being in service.

Nag, who heads the botany department of Ranchi University, has, however, offered to return the amount which he had withdrawn by “mistake”. He withdrew Rs 42,167 from the university payable towards earned leave during his tenure as Ranchi University vice-chancellor.He was the university vice-chancellor from August 1992 to January 1996. In February 1996, he became Vinobha Bhave University vice-chancellor and remained in office till January 1999. Two days ago, Raj Bhavan had directed Ranchi University vice-chancellor S.S. Kushwaha to ensure the recovery of the amount drawn by Nag within 15 days.

Nag, who is willing to return the amount, said it should be adjusted against his dues pending with the university.

“My successor D.P. Gupta granted me this benefit on similar grounds. However, if the chancellor feels that this was wrong, the amount might be adjusted against my dues pending with the university. But the university is due to pay me more than Rs 60,000 as arrears accumulated against wage revision,” Nag said.

Kushwaha said the university would realise the amount. Legal experts were being consulted to find out whether Nag was liable to pay interests accrued on the amount or disciplinary action could be taken against him.

Another charge against Nag was that during his tenure as Vinobha Bhave University vice-chancellor, his decisions had cost the university a loss of over Rs 11 lakh.

The government had urged former governor Prabhat Kumar to take action against Nag.

But the issue was buried after Kumar’s departure. Nag said his predecessor in Hazaribagh had invited tenders for the construction of the university building, before the land was handed over to the university.

But at the time the land was transferred to the university, the three-month validity of the bid had expired.