Makeover for Telco town parks

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By SAVVY SOUMYA in Jamshedpur
  • Published 1.04.05

Jamshedpur, April 1: The three theme parks in Telco township are set for a makeover, complete with training facilities for adventure sports like rock climbing from Tata Steel Adventure Sports experts.

Sources said Tata Motors is drawing up a beautification plan for the Telco township and Moolgaonkar park at Hudco Lake, Walkers Park near Telco Club and Rock Park, adjoining the M-53 building, are on the company?s makeover list for the first phase. Apart from repairing the dilapidated track for joggers at Walkers Park and Rock Park, the company also plans to add a few new features. To begin with, Moolgaonkar Park has got a new fountain, with bright lights, right in the middle of Hudco lake. The company had spent Rs 5 lakh on construction of the fountain, lights for which were purchased from a German company. ?The fountain has been constructed on a boat-shaped platform. The water from the fountain will shoot up to a height of 100 feet. The Hudco Lake has also been cleaned and the embankments raised,? said an official at Moolgaonkar Park. Tata Motors also plans to introduce facilities for boating and rock climbing with help from the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation at the park. ?There is enough scope for conducting rock climbing classes at Moolgaonkar Park. Earlier, such classes were conducted by local clubs. But we plan to streamline the training process by roping in the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation,? said Tata Motors officials. The company has directed the park authorities to stop the swimming and rock climbing classes conducted by a local adventure sports club.

Security will also be beefed up at the park. ?We have to keep in mind the security of the visitors to the park. We have posted several securitymen at the park,? added a Tata Motors official. However, the new features at Moolgaonkar Park will not come free. Visitors to the park will have to shell out money by way to entree fee. The Rock Park in the heart of Telco Colony is being cleared off its dense growth of wild grass. ?The walking track, which had chipped off at several places, is being repaired. We have also given the benches a fresh coat of paint. We have also made elaborate arrangements for security. However, entry to both Rock Park and Walkers Park will remain free,? said the official.

The company plans to spruce up Ghari Park, Sumant Moolgaonkar stadium and the cricket ground near Telco Club in the second phase.